Sunday, August 7, 2011

Updates to the Kitchen.

Things I still want to do to the room....declutter, geesh I never think its as messy until I take a picture! Replace the green canisters for white ones. Get a larger sink area rug/mat. Add a rug of some type under the dining table  (which we got for free from my dad....sweetness!) I also want to add a table runner and something cool eye popping color that's not breakable!

I can't take credit for this wall. It was the husband's idea to create an accent wall. So now I need to find something that will be a sort of focal point on the wall. My first thought was a gallery wall type frame set. Here are some of the options I'm considering.

MelissaP6908 on Etsy.

Braggingbags on Etsy

The gallery wall will most likely be a combination of the three options above.

My grandma on my father's side made this. So sentimental.

Bower Power prints ($10) Frames 2 2packs from Target $12.

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