Sunday, August 7, 2011

Weekly Update-Vacation

To say my little getaway to the other side of the state went disastrously would be the UNDERSTATEMENT of this millennium! If you've sensed a turn from my usual positive updates its because as I try and stay insanely positive about most things....THIS WEEK, scratch that, THE last few weeks have gone south. The dirty down south. Put it this way, I usually listen to music when I write, things like Ingrid Michaleson, John Mayer, maybe even add some new christian rock in the mix. Set Fire to the Rain by Adele just ended and now I feel like putting on Nine Inch Nails or Metallica!! The normal upbeat tempo just won't fly while I grasp for inspiration.

Here's my disclaimer...I am VERY blessed. I love my healthy happy babies and my over achieving husband. I'm not enduring tragic events or even struggling financially, BUT just one day I'd like to sleep in. One day I'd like to exercise without stopping 800 times to wipe a mouth, pick something up that was discarded on a passing by lawn, wipe poop, walk without one of the babes darting in front of me, do a basic house chore from start to finish in 10 minutes flat, go somewhere BY MYSELF, have my husband just say to me "I got it you go buy something pretty", have a drama free weekend with my stepson, stop sweating my life away anytime I'm outdoors or lugging a baby in and out of the car, GO ON VACATION AND RELAX AND ENJOY MY FAMILY!

GRRRRR! I need a break! I need help. I need a support system. I need girlfriends. I need wine. I need a life besides my children. I need a babysitter.Today as I hurried to get to the potty for Brooklyn to do the, ya know, to which she had already gone...I said "just once I want to not clean up after someone else" Brooklyn says and I quote "but that's your job". Is this a joke...did daddy tell you to say that (as a joke of course). Nope. Out of the mouths of babes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NO Josh Kelley(singer) on Pandora, I don't want to listen to you romantic "Home to Me" lyrics...and No Jack Johnson I don't want to hear about you easy breezy days in Hawaii! My musical anthem for tonight is Christina Perri 'Jar of Hearts'..."... I learned to live half alive, And now you want me one more time..."

So hears a big ole apology to you loyal readers and the sweet email recipients who won't judge me and who will understand, things happen in life, there are BAD times and GOOD times. And tomorrow is a NEW day, tomorrow will bring more patience, less yelling, less stress, a brighter day for me and my lovelies.

Here are some cute pics from this week. My positive happy times from the looks like A LOT, but that's because lets face it, my kids are too stinking cute!

Lake Michigan....we will meet again, both kids were at home with you, but mama was too appeasing to meet the whole family's needs, and I cut our visit short. We WILL meet again. AND I know if I left grouchy number 1 and 2 at home, the kids and I would've had the time of our life!!! 

                           At home just being silly, this kid cracks me up...when she's not pooping in her Pull Ups!!

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