Thursday, June 16, 2011

Quickie Design Project/Plans for the Dresser

Here is a 5 minute quickie project. If you haven't noticed already I'm obsessed with pictures, SO I wanted to do something different with this Mother's Day gift from my mom. Instead of the obvious cutesy small pics of my kids or my husband and I....I decided to use tissue paper. Yeah the kind you get at Target for $2.50. I already had this handy in my crafts closet (gasp...I have a crafts closet now)! I put 2 sheets in the slots so the color came across darker.

This is the first thing you see if you come in our side door. Still needs something to hang above..but its a start.
The best is when you get the ol' double take from the hubster when he notices the change!

Here is the latest with the dresser.

I ordered these pulls for the drawers from that I saw as an advertiser over at (Honey We're Home). and then I went to Aco Hardware today to buy this color?!?!!

Benjamin Moore "Hemlock 719"

Stay tuned....hoping to tackle this beauty this weekend!

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