Friday, June 17, 2011

'Friends and Family Favorite Spaces'

Starting this series with home pictures from and old friend of mine. Sara @ PetersonStories and I go WAY back. Way back to high school days. Thinking back to those days gave me quite the giggle. I'm not sure where we exactly met for the first time....Smoothies on Seven (ice cream parlor we both worked at), on the soccer field (have to say we were both pretty good soccer players back in the day), or in a class in high school?! Either way we became fast friends. This chica is super goofy, crazy smart, and drop dead gorgeous...don't we hate her! Just kidding! I have memories of a certain 1998 Spring Break, Modern Rock, trips to Wisconsin and Traverse City. An adventurous drive home from Cedar Point pouring rain with not working windshield wipers, I think with Brad and Joel???!! I could go on for days...memories I didn't even know I still had, good times.

We lost contact after high school, but I do remember having a conversation one time during college about her now husband and knowing he would be the ONE. Sara was also totally awesome and revamped my blog. Doesn't it look amazing...sometimes I go to my own blog page just to see the new design and I oooh and awww at it, I LOVE it! I'm sure she will be offering her services to the public in the future because she is very talented and definitely has an eye for design. Now lets talk about her gorgeous home. Sara lives on the West side of Michigan, and I have gathered from blog stalking that she built her home with her hubby.

So is this what it feels like to be dead, because I've died and gone to Heaven! I'm loving WHITE right now, its very In at the moment. From her white couches, to her white kitchen. I think I spy some perfect Pottery Barn couches in this cozy living room.

Very comfortable yet traditional dining room. Such a bold and amazing wall color(Benjamin Moore-"Hasbrouck Brown" HC-71), traditional rug, with a modern take on a traditional table.

Breathtaking! Gorgeous floors, gorgeous cabinets! Great choice in making the island a different color than the cabinets. Wall Color for living room and kitchen is a nice light and airy color from Benjamin Moore "Vellum" 207. 

AND then there's entire room ALL to herself! Amazeballs!!!(totally necessary word)

This is where Sara does her scrapbooking, blogging, blog design, and lets be real escaping from the children!
Where in the world did you get this rug? I have to HAVE it!!!!

Ahhhhh organization!

Cute, Cute, Cute!

Well I've been inspired now haven't you!?
Thanks so much for sharing your home with us.
And don't forget to check out Sara's blog @
She not only has a great eye for interior design but she also shares lots of great pics of her and her family, LOVE!


  1. Aww, thanks Bree! I can't wait to see the next installment and peek into more favorite spaces! :)