Mama Guide

This page used to have a list of products that I swear by...BUT lets get real, YES products help a sista out, but WE do ALL the work. So instead I decided to start a list (shocker) of the random things I've learned from being a mama.

1. ALL babies are different. They eat, sleep, talk, walk, cry, and react differently and at different stages.
2. Cry it out early. I am not a cry it out kinda mom, it just hurts my soul too much, but I started early with Baby G (baby #2)...laying him down in his bed at nap/night awake and he cried for maybe 2 minutes the first time and has been a champ ever since!
3. Mama knows best. Your motherly instinct is remarkable, just listen to it.
4. Let daddy help. Turns out he's not as helpless as he appears.
5. Mama needs ME time. Men get their me time, why as woman do we not take our ME time....? Take it, you will be a BETTER mama!
6. Cherish every moment. Even the icky, boring, poop filled ones! My babes are not even close to being in school yet, and time is flying by.
7. Learn from your kids. They are new and open, pay attention they can teach you amazing lessons.
8. A smile goes a long way.