Friday, March 11, 2011

Blog Love

My little baby buggas (Grant is now 9 months old). Oh how it goes so fast. After a long day and a missed nap Daddy carried him to bed last night at 6:20pm leg flapping in the wind, so precious! And then, my little firework (Brooklyn) and Daddy watched Monsters Inc together, ahhhhh it was so quiet. Perfect time to write!

Blog Love-each week I will highlight the blogs I’m loving that week.
  1. Kelle Hampton I love this blog because something just hits my soul somewhere deep with every word. You’ve got to read her birth story of her second baby girl, it gets me blubbering every time. The line when she says Love me. Love me. I'm not what you expected, but oh, please love me.”  I found myself loving Nella and respecting Kelle’s strength as a woman and a mother. This week she posts about her daughter eating a strawberry for the first time and it caught me with a lump in the throat…I felt so blessed to be able to experience those little moments with my 2 babes.
  2. Cari Blogs- If you are an avid reader like I am than you are always on the hunt for your next book, well this blog is the place to look. Much like myself, Cari is into the YA genre of books. Cari has also inspired me to set a reading goal this year of 50 books. Great information on tons of books, go check it out. She also snags great interviews with amazing authors. I’m currently reading one of her recommendations Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins.
  3. Little Miss Momma-I heart this blog so much and I just found it last week…she has so much good information up about starting a blog. I can’t wait to implement all her advice. Ashley is incredibly honest and crazy talented. She even has an etsy shop here.  I more often than not laugh out loud at her posts because the life experiences she shares are mine and so many others realities as well.
  4. Pennies On A Platter – I first heard of this blog via a FB post. Nikki of penniesonaplatter was donating her January revenue from her blog to this woman named Veronica King who had just recently lost her 31 year old husband…you can check her blog here.  I was one of many I’m sure, that felt they must do something to help this woman, so it truly resonated with me that Nikki was taking such generous action. I clicked and clicked away, each day trying to help, BUT throughout the month I got hooked on Nikki’s blog. She takes awesome photos of her food, and ohhhh the recipes. I swear I’ve fed my family at least 15 of her recipes since January. Nikki has also inspired me to bake more, this girl loves her dessert. Oh and her new (Penny’s Weekend Garnish) has so much great information.

Have a wonderful weekend! And check these amazing women's blogs out, after all it was International Women's Day this week!
"A woman with a voice is by definition a strong woman. But the search to find that voice can be remarkably difficult." Melinda Gates


  1. This makes me so happy! thank you so much for including LMM in this list of fabulous and inspiring bloggers--they are some of my favorite blogs too!

    I am loving your blog {visited last night too}!

  2. Congrats on your little man he's a cutie! Also thank you so much for featuring my blog!