Thursday, April 7, 2011

Honey Do List

Here is our list of things that have to get done before we MOVE....the
Honey Do List/House List:

  1. Finish Drywall and Paint Walls-Basement
  2. Move outlets and change to GFCI –Kitchen
  3. Finish/Fix Grout-Kitchen
  4. Install and replace Faucets/Shower Head-Bathroom
  5. Paint patch areas-Bathroom
  6. Trim built in-Bathroom
  7. Replace Caulk in Tub-Bathroom
  8. Exterior Trim Install around new backdoor-Exterior
I'm also working on the room designs....for our soon to be....home, SO much fun. First I wanted to pick some words that I will draw inspiration from for each room. And then ofcourse comes the PILLOWS. I've also added color ideas for the rooms...I'm sure the hubster will have opinions, but these are my first thoughts.
Master Bdrm-Elegant, Romance, Relaxation-Blues, Grays, splash o purple
   Tufted or Paneled King Headboard-price range $280 to beyond, we might just DIY it.

Milk and Cookies Canada

Charcoal Tufted...not sure I want the statement piece to be the headboard or something above.

Master Bath-Clean, Serene-Lemongrass??

Nick's Room-Young, Books, Football-???
Brooklyn’s Room-Firework, Flowers, Dreams-Reds, White, Black....

Grant’s Room-Nautical, Happy, Baby-Blue/Green, Tan
Living Room- Cozy, Wow, Modern-Gray
Option 1
Option 2
I LOVED this set design from the Melissa and Joey show that premiered last year. Not a great photo, but this is where I will start from for our future living room.

Kitchen/Dining-Chef, Comfort, Fresh-???

While browsing fellow bloggers this etsy shop came to my attention...(I look at SO many I can't remember which blog...if its you lmk and I'll post a link to your site) this shop has AMAZING pillows. So that will be my first step in designing the rooms....PILLOWS. All the pillows from this post are from the Etsy shop Milk and Cookies Canada, AMAZING, again with thar word, but totally needed.


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  2. You are going to have a busy weekend!!!

  3. where did you find the Melissa and Joey pillows ?? I love them but can't find them anyhere :-)