Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Weekly Update/Monday Recap

Ok so its not Monday...its Wednesday, I know! I've started to feel like these weekly updates were becoming dear diary style, so I'm trying something new today. Now I 'm not stating that I won't find it necessary, as in therapeutic, to have the occasional rant that may go on for a bit, but not today. Here are a few short words to describe my week.
Roughly 51 days until we move.
Packing and Purging Donating(clothes, etc).....Organization
Party Planning(my lil man is gonna be 1)
Singing, Dancing, Coloring, Painted Toe Nails, Cooking!

Rice Crispies are definitely NOT in the recipe.
House Hunting

Ummm no.
Too Far Away
Lack of blogging (I really NEED a new laptop)
First Words "Dadda"
While waiting for "dadda" at the front door, Eric walks up and Grant says "dadda" plain as day...and then continued to the rest of the night whenever asked. Gulp...insert lump in throat moment!
Teething(both of them...notice in the pics, she's chewing on Grant's toothbrush and he's chewing on his hand)
More Tantrums(getting better though)
Me experimenting with photography via mirror...not so much.
Potty Training
Have a great rest of the week, I'm hoping to set some time to go inside some homes this weekend...exciting and overwhelming.

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