Thursday, March 31, 2011


This week has been YET another fun filled week of sleep deprivation. If its not one of them, its the other. Oh and just for giggles, they are BOTH teething right now. Good times. I have been working on various areas of the blog, so check out my New Mama Guide and Our 700 sq ft and Books. I've also been browsing the internet for a rental house and party ideas for my lil man. I'm thinking end of June with a sailboat or dinosaur theme...not sure yet, I will post more ideas this weekend. This ones short and sweet, but I gotta go spend some QT with the hubster while watching Greys Anatomy...I told Eric they were going to get into a car accident.

This pic is an oldy but a gooody, who has the most personality in this photo??? Hmmmm?

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  1. I am sorry for the lack of sleep... just take a couple of breaths and I am sure a good rest will follow...