Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Monday Recap

I had an entire email/post written yesterday at like 10:00am AND then my camera decided it no longer uploaded pictures! Grrr I despise that annoying stuff that creeps into your lovely day. I had quiet one on one time with each babe yesterday and I was feeling good. Writing about how Mondays are a fresh start, how some weekends really rejuvenate the mind and spirit, AND then things like this happened.....whats with kids and dishwashers, wipes, toilet paper rolls, cords, bottoms of shoes, garbage cans, grabbing onto your pants as your carrying a piping hot pan!? Oh and all that occurred between 5 and 6pm...when I know Eric is driving home and will be there any minute...and when he walks in the house its of either extreme, crazy wild banshee screams, or calm quiet and perfect.
OHHHH I almost forgot to mention, but how could I....WE are MOVING, move out start date May 27th!!! Im super stoked. Space, new rooms to decorate, rooms for all the children...details, right! So I'm calling on all of you (friends and family)... WE NEED BOXES! Oh and any volunteers who want to help us move. Now all we have to do is find a rental home, not worried.....things will workout as they were meant to.

Tantrums, tantrums, tantrums. Brooklyn has mastered the tantrum. I've read its the age, but whfew its A LOT!  I pray for patience on like an hourly basis. My lil firework also switches from nurturing her lil buggas to stealing toys from him or slyly harming him in some fashion or another. Again...ITS A LOT. But those moments when I ask "hey Brooklyn can you share a sip of your drink with buggas" and she graciously, one hand on his shoulder, holds the cup for him and patiently waits for him to finish, are wonderful. I've been attempting potty training (she's almost 2 1/2) BUT she has other plans. Im not stressing, I guess I just thought she'd be ready by now (she actually went on the potty for the first time yesterday). Brooklyn's singing skills are one of the highlights of my day...or when she says "lets talk about it", or when she says "gonna look out the window, daddy coming".

No tooth yet for Buggas, and man does he get cranky. Almost 10 months old and still no tooth. I'm sure Ive stated already but he's mastered arms up, high five, the occasional wave hi, when he's not being bashful and hiding into my chest, while still turning to look at who's waving at him, adorable! Grant is such a kind heart, very sensitive, and so loving. Easy peasy! This kid can EAT. Buggas loves him some frozen peas, spaghetti, yogurt, any kind of fruit or veggie, alright, really anything! I just love this kid to pieces. Im going to try and catch him dancing with his sister this week and post it on FB and the blog, its exactly what B did when she was a baby, except G has a side to side move Brooklyn never had! Hahhahhaa

Happy Week, I've decided to live in denial that its Spring until the weather here in good ole MI actually feels like Spring weather. Until then, I will be dreaming of toes in the sand, sunshine and sunscreen, long walks, bubbles, and just being outside. Get me out of this house!!!!


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  1. Your babies are so beautiful and love their names Brooklyn and Grant! I am also an Interior Design lover so decided to follow you, hope you can stop by and support.

    I just started my blog.

    xoxo from NYC