Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Whatcha Eatin Weight Watchers Wednesdays

It was a dreary day here in Michigan, 38 degrees and rainy, and it’s supposed to be like that all week. It’s one of those days I have no qualms about napping with the babes, and not getting any housework or writing done. The kind of day that goes by slow but thats okay.
Wednesday blog posts are going to be about my current personal ambitions. Goals, Goals, Goals! There are endless reasons for the following list and I won’t bore you with the details…so here they are:
1.    Lose 29 lbs by Easter.
2.    Have 100 Followers by Easter.
3.    Be moved out of our house and into a bigger one before Grant’s 1st Birthday.
Love this, going to purchase this lovely when I lose the 29 LBS.

I will record my stats here each Wednesday.
Current Stats:
-Just started this week with the Weight Watchers full throttle mission, so goodbye my Grand Traverse Sweet Red wine I will miss you…we will meet again after Easter, or maybe even ON Easter Day!! Also…eeeeeck you see that cute JCrew bathing suit above…I will post a pic over the Summer of me wearing it, when I succeed in losing this what I like to call wedding weight. I didn’t gain a whole lot with either of my kids and it just came off (#999 reason why breastfeeding worked for me!)
-8 Followers (much love to you first 8…and to the next 92, I will forever hold you in my heart for your support in my creative outlet). Now come on people go over to the right and click on that button that says ‘follow’!!
-Potential renters, might have timing issues…we’ll see, fingers crossed! Don’t get me wrong I’m genuinely grateful for having a roof over our heads and food in our bellies, but having such a small house is pretty challenging…more to come about our 700sqft wonder.  
SO each week I’m going to share a low cal recipe on Wednesdays as well, or one that I have changed to make healthier. I try a new recipe a few times a week and I sometimes love it and sometimes hate it. Baking is certainly tricky when changing recipes, especially when using whole wheat flour. So this week I am going to jump on the greek yogurt train and let you know what I come up with for recipes.  Weight Watchers has one on there for a crab dip using greek yogurt, hmm we’ll see…
This is my reality...(Photo from Smashing Magazine)

This is where I'd love to be....(Photo from

Goood Night and Good Luck!

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  1. What a great idea! That bathing suit is divine! I will be rooting for you {and hoping that I can find your same motivation}!