Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Time to Indulge Tuesdays

I have to have this vase, isn't it remarkable. The color is fatanstic. I'm thinking on top of my book shelf...this is from an amazing ceramic etsy shop.

These dresses just scream spring. These are on my wishlist/save for Easter apparel for me and my darling 2 year old. Both can be found at Shabby Apple.

OMG my lil Buggas is gonna look so adorable in this Gymboree outfit for Easter, minus those awful shoes, and maybe switch it to pants!

I've been researching some things for my mother-in-law(MIL)...she happened to mention a few times now spaces in her house that she could use some help with...well as most every interior designer at heart thinks...wooohooo...thats the green light for fun times! So here are some things for my MIL to take a look at for her walls.
I was thinking this above the long couch or the mantel.

                                         This print (needs a cool frame) maybe in the dining room.

I just love love this color! Its from an etsy seller in Nashville, I would SO live in Nashville in a hot second,my hub and I spent some of our honeymoon there, love it! I would put this in the living room somewhere...not your style, let me know, I will continue looking...because lets be honest thats stuff is FUN!

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