Monday, March 7, 2011

Monday Recap

It's almost 9am and I'm drinking cold coffee...story of my life. With each sip I tell myself maybe it's not that cold, maybe it will get better, not so much. Could I run upstairs to nuke it, sure, but I know something else will happen that will distract me from my morning cup of Joe that I'm just resolved to this cold beverage. Last week was fairly uneventful, except that my Grandma (my mom's mom) found a sister she had known was given up for adoption when my Grandma was very her and her sister met this weekend, thats pretty exciting! I'm so happy for them. It did get me thinking about family and how sometimes we take that simple treasure for granted, how the very nature of family, always just being there as a concept, some people are without that very basic joy. It then turned into thinking about how my mom has never met her biological father and what could come of the future for that shot in the dark meeting.

I'm in full fledged potty training mode with Brooklyn...enough of this double duty diapers. And I'm fine with bribing her...I've tried everything else. So trip to the potty equals trip to the candy store. Speaking of family, this morning Brooklyn has been completely occupied with a purse that her and Auntie Cassia were playing with yesterday (a sister in law has so much creativity, fake credit cards, fake money, fake I'd) and all the while Brooklyn's saying "Auntie Cass did it". I love the relationship they have!

Buggas is my adorable quick little learner. Buggas will be 9 months old in two days and just learned arms up and a kinda wave. Next up blow kisses and clapping! He is quickly growing out of ALL his clothes, hence the picture with the jeans...I love the jeans I can't believe he's only worn them like 4 times and already he's too tall for them. So if any of you want gift suggestions for his 1st Birthday, fast approaching...clothes, clothes, and more clothes. And yes, Im already planning his birthday, but yet wanting these last few months to go by so slow because he wont be a baby anymore!

Have a fantastic week, and Ill be here wishing for Spring! Time: 2:45pm...thats how long it took me to have enough time to sit and write this...between potty breaks, naps, lunch, etc. Now I'm going to sit and have a nice 2nd cup of HOT coffee! Fingers crossed.


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