Friday, March 4, 2011


So I was chit chatting with a fantabulous girlfriend of mine on Tuesday (our usual night out) and she suggested I blog about some of the things we talk obviously the most talked about topic is our husbands. LOL! Let me preface this by saying I LOVE him and he is a great man, but sometimes he just doesn't GET it!? And I truly mean that, my girlfriend and I have come to the conclusion that as lame as it is to say they are just from another planet. Thank God for girlfriends, who do GET it, and who laugh at the ridiculousness of the men not getting it.

SO I also went to Hobby Lobby for the VERY first time this week. There are no words...I once described to my husbands family that Buy Buy Baby was like the 'heavens were singing to me" when I walked thru the doors. Well Hobby Lobby was similar in an oooooh and ahhhh mish that has potential kinda way! Here's what I bought...
AND I only spent $21.70!

Im working on before and after shots of our house tour, so I'm sure you will see these beauties throughout those shots.

This weeks posts were pretty random, but next week it will have more of a structure...and here's what my blog will feature on a weekly basis with an occasional randomness Im sure!

Monday Recap
Time to Indulge Tuesdays
Watcha Eatin Weight Watchers Wednesdays (more info about this one tomorrow)
Fridays-Blog Love (what blogs I'm crushin on that week)

Have a great fantabulous weekend, my hubs and I get date night and a wedding all in one tomorrow, super excited!
He doesn't GET it, but dang it I love him! (Fav pic of the hubs and Brooklyn on a vacay in FL last year)

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