Monday, June 20, 2011

Weekly Update-Father's Day

More boxes unpacked, but still not quite done...a few more in the garage and lots to do in the basement (set up office area, set up kid area, unpack the endless books). I had a GREAT week with the kids. We live a block away from a HUGE park now, so I take them to the park at least twice a day in what I call the 'Tour de Levagood', walking around the park, making stops at all the play areas. Last week, we went to the Detroit Zoo, a carnival, splash park, etc. I LOVE Summer! So many things to adventures, new reactions, new experiences. We went to the splash park on Saturday and Brooklyn had a blow out swimming diaper extravaganza...Eric says to me..."does this kind of stuff happen with the kids a lot" my response "yup only everyday"! Just living the dream!

On Tuesday, I went to the Dr's (worst experience...I will talk more about that another day) but he thinks I have a Meniscus tear in my knee, uggh which makes it pretty hard to do all those activities, BUT its not physically possible for me to just sit in the house with the kids, so off we go. I go in for an MRI tonight and will hopefully have results this week sometime, I just want to get this thing fixed and be DONE with it already!

                                                                      At the Detroit Zoo

Cousins...they fight and love like siblings, warms my heart and stresses me out!
Ages: 1, 21 Months, 2 1/2, and 5

Too stinkin CUTE, impromptu hand holding!

"Mama, I just readin Baby Grant some books"...gotta like that!

2 of the BEST Dad's I know!

I couldn't write this weekly update without addressing Father's Day. First, to my are harder on yourself than anyone else, I think you are a wonderful dada. I love that IT matters to you how you are as a Father, I love that you tell our little girl she's pretty and beautiful, or how you light up at the sight of her excited face. I love that you and Grant have the hat game, or that I can see the pride in your eyes when he shows skillz at age 1 with the soccer ball! Thanks for being such a great daddy to our babies. I remember when we first met and one of the very first things we talked about was your son. I love that you care so much about how your preteen turns out as a man. You are a wonderful Father and our children are lucky to have you!

Second, to my Father, Step Father, and Father-In-Law..."What children need most are the essentials that grandparents provide in abundance.  They give unconditional love, kindness, patience, humor, comfort, lessons in life.  And, most importantly, cookies."  My children are so very blessed to have so many great grandpas!

Have a great week!

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