Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Watcha Eatin Weight Watchers Wednesday

New food product find, AND no I do not get paid by Healthy Choice! I just love their stuff. Super easy, super tasty, and within the points/calories I want to hit in a day. That being said I gotta be honest and say I no longer track my points on Weight Watchers Online nor do I count my calories. I was a loyal counter for a few months and have now learned a lot more about food. Enough that I know when I need to do an extra mile or not. So the only thing I track is my activity. Last week's WEWWW I posted about how I needed to amp up my get slim game, so I challenged my self to complete 25 miles (running/walking) a week.

Week 1: 11 miles
Week 2 (only into Tuesday): already 11.3 miles

A key factor...workout on the weekends. I start my week on Sundays, and it just gives me that boost for my numbers in the week.

What I ate Tuesday & Activity:
Breakfast: shared a bowl of Honey Smacks with the kids (I'm slightly, scratch that, insanely obsessed with cereal)

Walked 3.5 miles
Lunch: Healthy Choice Chicken Tortilla and Green Giant's Just For One Broccoli Cheese Sauce

Snack: 4 graham crackers plain today (but cinnamon are like heaven in my mouth)
Dinner: Homemade Grilled chicken, Corn, and Cheesy Bacon Mashed Potatoes.
Treadmill 3 Miles (.4 of which I ran...never thought I could make it that long...and I'll just keep pushing until I can run miles at a time!)

What I've what you want some days, limiting alcohol definitely helps, but this mama needs that glass of wine on occasion! Don't be hard on yourself. Just keep at it, AND be active.

Weight Loss to date: -23lbs

My MIL and I have an October challenge of -30lbs, we've totally got that under wraps! With each lower number on the scale its more and more I eat chips and salsa, late at night! MIL's weight loss to date 24lbs!!!! I love having a partner in crime with this get slim, be healthier, way of life.

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