Thursday, August 11, 2011

Weekly Update-Part 2

Mama's feeling better! Not saying those overwhelming times won't happen again, but for now I feel better. I have to add...there may have been a monthly hormonal imbalance knock, knockin at my door. So I've welcomed my friends Ingrid, John, Colbie, Jack, ohh and a new one, Ron Pope-'A Drop in the Ocean'...great song, great voice....into my daily rotation of stations on Pandora. And man oh man do my kids love to dance.

 Bugsy had to get in on that action, so he danced and walked around them.

Today was another long day, but it marked the almost weekend point. This week I chilled more, I soaked up more, I enjoyed more. I slowed down. And I know I was a better mom this week.

Milk Mustache!

 Cute shoe day!
                                                                    We chalked more.

          Big boy likes to sit on the steps by himself, but big boy doesn't know how to get down by himself yet. Big Boy makes mama dash after him to prevent further injury!
 We played in the rain.....we watched the rain.
We waited for Dada to come home.
How cute is this to come home to after a long day of work???

I could just eat these lil toes!

As you can see in the photo above, girl has personality just bursting at the seams! Typical daily phrases from little miss..."that's perfect", "oh my gosh, its so exciting", "we go to the storn(store) and then have yunch(lunch)", "I'm 2, and I'm gonna be 3 soon, I eat cake, and look like Juliet(Gnomeo and Juliet Movie...Halloween baby)! There are still days I have to discipline this firework ALL day, and other days when she is my super helper. Tending to Baby Grant's every need, running to get him a toy when he cries or fusses about a diaper change, and just good ole arm around him soothing. Melts my heart. Loves, loves doing her daily homework, not kidding...asks to do it almost every day.

Baby Grant (Bugsy) lights up any room. Favorite word right now is "shoe". Also says (mama, Dada, ball, all done, more, out, up, down, nigh nigh=night night, ahhhh after a long drink of water, voom=vroom, bye bye, go go go). Points to the typical head, nose, hair, mouth, belly (my favorite), ears. Shows that he's 1. Obsessed with cords (crazy annoying). Loves cars and trucks, puzzles, coloring, sticks(also annoying), swings, long walks at the park, and any good stroller ride.

I've got my groove back and I'm slowing down for the last few weeks of Summer we have left. Its funny how when you slow down you notice more and see the beauty in living for right now. I also accomplish the same amount of things in a day, it just takes more badassery! Can't claim that word as mine, its from my blog idol (Kelle). I look forward to her posts like a kid on Christmas morning. She just oozes inspiration and love for her babes.

Have a blessed slow slow slow weekend!

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