Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Watcha Eatin Weight Watchers Wednesday-Randoms

Lets get down to the stats: -19 lbs.

All my baby weight has come and gone, now I'm focusing on the 'wedding weight'. If you're wondering what 'wedding weight' is....its the 10-20lbs that woman tend to gain when they get married, much like the 'freshman 15'.

So I 've amped up my workout regime to knock 10lbs out of the park this month. (25 miles a week)  I've done 9 miles so far this week.

Tonight I tried on these jeans...AND they fit! Now, they were a little snug, but I buttoned them up!

Recipe of the week:
This recipe has been a staple in my Granny Green's household, passed down to my mom, and now both my sister-in-law and I make it for almost any big occasion. It occurred to me the other day...I should post this, its super easy, tasty, and can be pretty healthy.

Pasta Salad:
1-1 1/2lb pasta (I used a spiral noodle with 4 servings of vegetables in the noodles and the color added an extra zing for presentation)..original recipe calls for spaghetti noodles.
1 package grape tomatoes (sliced)
1 can black olives
1 cucumber (sliced into small pieces)
Salad Seasoning (shake to taste)
1 bottle Italian Dressing
1 green pepper

Cook pasta. Slice and dice vegetables. Pour half bottle of Italian dressing in bowl with sliced vegetables to marinate. Combine noodles and veggie mix with shakes of salad seasoning to taste. Add the remainder of the Italian dressing (use the lite version for fewer calories).

I've had a rough week this week, from locking myself and the kids out of the normal needy teething from my 1 year old and meltdowns with my 2 year old! Mama needs a change of scene. Much needed family getaway this weekend! Here's to hoping I remember patience, love, kindness, strength, faith, and did I say patience! Its quiet in the house and I have a date with my DVR. Good night!

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