Monday, August 1, 2011

Monday Recap

Today started as a new day, a fresh start to the week and month. Its August 1st, and those are always days to rev up your work out, eat better, have more patience with your babes, etc. So there I was double stroller, and breakfast for the babes (fruit and bagel) headed out on my new start walk. I managed to hit 5.5 miles today because both babes fell asleep (usually only get in 3.5 to 4 miles). The walk was a peaceful walk a much needed quiet walk. I admired the houses on the golf course and enjoyed the large shaded gaps of sidewalk in the neighborhood. I even got up the nerve to chat up a chic with her two babes that I see walk by our house all the time...chance meetings, nice! And here's where it gets BAD!

In our new house we have an attached garage with a breezeway room between the garage and the house. We've turned this room into a playroom, which is fantastic for cooking times, or mama needs a moment times. I've unloaded the kids and stuff from the walk and am insanely aware of the garage man door because its quite a drop I have all doors shut and secure. I'm in the playroom along with Brooklyn and Brooklyn shuts the door from the house to the playroom. Ohhh crap....Baby Grant all by himself in the kitchen and I'm locked in the playroom. Yup, of course the playroom door was locked...why wouldn't it be!! So I go into Macgyver mode and search for something to get the door open...nothing. So before my panic ensues I push on the door....IT OPENED! In my 'oh my gosh' my baby's all by himself locked in the kitchen moment I didn't look to see if the door was closed all the way...just that it was locked. BUT WAIT I'M NOT DONE! So I finally take a moment to sit down and have some breakfast for myself, and let me just say, that moment of Honey Nut Cheerios with sliced bananas was glorious. Feeling better now that I've had my moment and regrouped, I decide to pack up the kids and head off to Lowe's for some new pulls for a dresser I'm refinishing. Grab my purse and both kids and have this thought of, 'ok if my keys aren't hanging up where they always are they must be in my purse'. Out the door we go, both kids loaded up into the car and I HAVE NO KEYS! And of course our house like Fort Knox with 2 small babes, not an open window anywhere...I know because I check them often. So its 95 degrees and both kids are packed up in the steamy car and I'm frantic trying to get in the house. Did I mention my cell phone has no battery and so I just decided to leave it IN THE HOUSE! I definitely thought about going to a neighbor, but that would mean Eric would have to drive home from work, which by the way is 45 minutes. I didn't have that kind of time, its too hot for that. So after several, I mean several attempts at breaking the small window in our side door, I decide it would be cheaper and easier to replace a window in the dining room. Broken window, scraped up hand, sweaty babes.....MAMA was a mess! No chance of me cleaning that glass/window debacle I drove to Lowe's! Ended up buying the wrong size pulls. That's life.

Baby you're a Firework! She's into showers now. Less work for me!

Spunky is really the best way to describe Brooklyn. Brooklyn is just a hoot to chat with. Logic and time are now in her realm of understanding. Funny word quote, I was eating salsa and chips and she wanted to try it, I tried to explain she probably wouldn't like the salsa, dipped her chip and she says " I like the sosssa". Learned my lesson about offering her various foods I don't expect her to like. Brooklyn loves to get her toes painted, do her daily homework, go to the park, and swimming.

Yes ladies he's single and ready to mingle! Likes long walks to pick up sticks, animal puzzles, and comes with only one shoe!

Grant is not as feisty as Brooklyn, but does not lack in the personality department. Obsessed with shoes, eats anything, loves to chase after sister or mama. He's in the needy clingy phase still, which I'm hoping is a short lived phase of teething. Both babes have been struggling with sleep. Mama needs a new California King Bed, asap!

Even though my day and afternoon turned into quite an irritating rush of emotions and panic, that's every day life...I'm going to push on thru and try and have a great week. Hope y'all have a good week too!

New week...gotta lose some more weight goals.
  1. Walk 5 miles 5 times a week(up from my 3.5-4 miles 3 times a week).
  2. Do 20 push ups, ab recliner, and 30 squats kicks a day.
  3. Drink 64 ounces of water a day.
  4. Eat the recommend 5 servings (1/2 cup fruit or veggie= 1 serving) a day.
  5. No alcohol.
  6. Stay within or under my daily WW points.
Check back Friday for how I did this week on the NEW plan!


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