Thursday, August 4, 2011

My first travel review

Have I mentioned how much I love to travel? One of my life goals is to travel to ALL 50 states. Besides being a food critic or an interior DREAM job would be to travel with my family and get paid to write reviews. Now that I have children, adding the element of traveling with kids seems to be an area lacking in the travel site market. Am I wrong here? Are there sites that offer reviews or information for families? For example, is there space to the side of the bed for a pack in play?

I've traveled a bit...Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Florida, Kentucky, Tennessee, Colorado, S. Carolina, N. Carolina so that's 9 states. I've also spent time out of the country in Mexico and England.

I'd like to look back at this post 5 years from now having crossed off many states and checked away at my Dream Big list.

Today my mom and I took the babes to The Henry Ford Greenfield Village. Which by the way is about 5 minutes from my house. I have no memories of touring The Henry Ford Museum or Village as a child, but I know as a student growing up in Michigan IT for sure happened.

Saying "baaaaaa".

GIRL, work it!!!

From the moment we entered the village it was sensory overload for the babes. There were choo choo train noises, music from the times, and the random employee dressed in full period clothing caught both my children's eye.

The ONLY critique would be bigger signs for each building. I don't know about any of you, but I HATE maps they hand you when you enter a park or zoo. The map is always super small and crazy hard to comprehend. So the map was doing nothing for me.

The babes only made it thru about half of the buildings and needed lunch. Off we strolled to the Michigan Cafe at the entrance of the village. The cafe offered a wide variety of gourmet cafeteria style food. I ate the Michigan Cherry
Chicken Walnut wrap and the babes enjoyed hot dogs, applesauce, and a shared fruit cup. Although I did not consume...they also offered a wide range of desserts and Starbucks coffee.

Total time spent at the village was about 2 hours, and what a great start to the day. The best part for the babes were the animals. The best part for this old mama was a random encounter with a tall drink of water farmer, tending to his crops. Let me set the and Brooklyn are ahead of us by about 100 ft and Baby Grant needed to stretch his legs and check the scene. Baby G happens upon a farmer working away and he is amazed. You know the ole baby obsessed with staring at men thing. So as they are playing peek a boo with each other thru the fence, he looks up and says "oh well hello!" A girl can dream.....that that meant he was overtaken by my beauty! I'm not sure I've ever seen a more beautiful man. And did I mention he was TALL! OK I just took a turn, but hey I'm keeping it real! Oh the farmer and his maiden fantasies just popped into my head. OK make it stop...I've gone over the line.

All in all, you must visit The Henry Ford Greenfield Village

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