Monday, February 7, 2011

Weekly Update

Quick Introduction: I'm Brianne, a wife and a mother. I love interior design. I started this blog to tap into my creative side and share my journey through life. A little over a year or so ago I got an idea from our cousin (who was updating family) to send email updates of our life. What a fantastic cathardic roller coaster. So here is me just on a larger scale from the updates. Now dont worry family and friends I will still be sending the updates, but they will be posted as well. Lets call it Monday Recap. I will also feature some yummy recipes, good reads, and ofcrouse my passion (besides my babies) everything and anything interior design!

Monday Recap:
While Eric (my husband) was off at a conference in CA, the babies(Brooklyn 27 months, Grant 8 months) and I headed by car to Chicago. As every mom knows traveling by yourself with kids via any means of transportation is crazy difficult. Each mode of transportation has its pros and cons. Snacks, drinks, and portable dvd players. Its the adventures getting to and from a destination that make the best memories. So I can say that although it was nice to visit with my friend in Chicago, its GOOD to be home.

Brooklyn is telling stories...she's a human recorder, all events that occur during the day are repeated back. "Mama I say Thank You", "Mama you watch a show", "Mama I eat peanut bubber sanwich", its hysterical. The best are the ones out of left field..."Mama, I wear poopa dots"=Mama, Im wearing a polka dot sweatshirt...didnt even know she knew what polka dots were! I moved her bedtime later and it has seemed to work, the travel has interuppted the usual times, but in a day or two it should go back to her norm of 11 hours 8pm-7am.

Grant is officially crawling! He also crawls and sits up by himself. This past week he has started to try and lift himself up to a standing position. So this translates to one 2 year old pulling on my pant leg and one 8 month old grabing for my toes, wherever I may be in the house, fun times! Ive moved Grant to more and more normal foods, he had spaghetti for dinner as his whole meal tonight...needless to say it turned into bath night for both babes.

Tomorrow's Post will be a delicious recipe.

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