Monday, September 19, 2011

Weekly Update-

With my daughter's 3rd Birthday approaching I'm trying to soak up all the moments I have with her before she goes off to school in a couple years. Yes, I'm probably going to be one of those mom's who has a hard time leaving the parking lot. For sure, calling up my girlfriends to meet for coffee so I can make it thru the day. What does that day look like? What does the beginning of 'letting go' feel like? Fortunately I have a few more years to contemplate and reflect, so for now I'll share what our day to day looks like now....

Phew...almost 3 is a difficult age! I see glimmers of what 3 will be and I'm hopeful. But ALMOST 3 is on the cusp of greatness, its the transition from "NO" to "Okay, mom". Its the difference between real communication and me just trying to react or get ahead of a meltdown. I have to say, the limp noodle, fish out of water, while you're holding your darlings hand thru a parking lot full of people and cars, is by FAR one of the most irritating toddler moves. I say moves because they for sure have an arsenal of go-to moves that they know bring their parents to their breaking point. And just when you get them safely to the car, they pull out another fun move and decide to go complete stone straight as if they are reverse planking the car seat. Fun times. With all the limp noodle action and potty training reverting I still love to watch her sleep. I laugh out loud when she refers to her eye brows and her 'browns'. Or when she gets up in the morning and says "I just woke up". Yes she has her mischievous moments with her baby brother, but she also nurtures and plays with him as if there was no other path but to have the 2 of them hand in hand navigating life.

This bowl fiasco happens at least 3 times a week.
For approximately 5 days straight now, Baby G has had a head cold/teething/mommy never leave my peripheral vision phase. Now, add horrible migraines to mama because of this change of weather and you've got yourself some crabby individuals. Baby G is understanding more and advancing along perfectly. Words he says..."more, all done, poo boo (peek a boo), yeah, no, ahhhh (after a good drink of water), Dino Dan, go go, ball, etc. He is aware of almost everything. 'Buggy can you put the blocks inside the bin, buggy can you throw the clothes downstairs, buggy can you sit down so we can put your shoes on', with a simple look in his eye as if he has just completed the greatest act of kindness. Now don't get me wrong, he too has his mischievous side, but his hugs. Oh his HUGS were sent straight from HEAVEN. With an occasional tap tap of his hand to somehow add extra love.

This year I decided I would JUMP out of my comfort box. With 30 knocking at my door, I felt like I needed to internalize and find the things from life that I truly enjoy. And JUMP I did. From starting this blog to talking to random strangers, to joining an Aqua Zumba class this week...I'd say I succeeded in the 'try new things' category. I lost 30 lbs over the Summer and look forward to losing another 20-30...the 'look and feel better category'. I've read some great books and had some rough 'survival mode' motherly moments. With Fall weather arriving, there will be less trips to the park and more library excursions or My Gym classes, with the most important priority being to live my BEST life.

Things I'm looking forward to...Christmas Cards, Halloween, Christmas music, Fall boot sales, children's snow pants, and celebrating 5 years of marriage with my husband. Which we will gladly celebrate during a quick weekend trip to Nashville for a family wedding, no kids.

Hope ya'll have a wonderful week. I'll be baking and swimming, cooking and running, singing and smiling, reading and learning! I have such a complicated love hate relationship with this slow pace part of life.

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