Monday, October 3, 2011

Short and Sweet

I enter this week with a stuffy head, a nervous stomach and way too many hormones. This Saturday I will leave my babies for the FIRST time to go to a family wedding AND get a much deserved/needed weekend away with my husband. I'm anxious and thrilled. I know the drive to the airport will be filled with rejuvenation and tears. I know I will come back after the weekend and be a better mom, a better soul, and a better wife.

There is something that happens to a woman when they have children. That very something is so unexplainable to the other species (men). We think differently, we react differently, we care differently, everything that was once, is now being filtered through our mom brain. There are days its not glamorous or even fun, for example when you have a sinus infection! But those days are all part of the journey. If only our husband's had a glimpse into what its like in the mom brain, than they could understand our crazy tendencies.

Sleeping Babies

Apple Orchard Fun

Its a short and sweet post today...plan for the, relax, Sudafed, Blueberry Smoothie, Repeat! I've gotta shake this sinus infection/cold before the weekend.

Have a blessed week, hoping to write more this week on the good old blog.

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