Monday, October 24, 2011

Weekly Update

I've recently been struggling with various aspects of life. Faith, Friendship, Weight Loss, Boredom, Spending time with My Husband, etc. Its funny how sometimes when you are giving someone else advice, it hits you like a ton of bricks. I was advising my husband that sometimes its okay to just BE. Its okay to not have big plans, its okay to just relax and enjoy family time, its okay to just play cards instead of talk about the deep dark life stuff. And as insightful as I thought I was being, it hit me! I need to take my own advice. I struggle with just being. I am constantly making to do lists, planning the day or week out, filling our time with activities. And part of it is survival. Its no easy fete raising children. Some days its a wonder how much I actually accomplish in one day with two beings pulling at my pant legs. My day job starts anywhere from 6am and goes thru to at least 9pm. That is a lot of hours devoted to other people.

BUT with all the struggles I may go thru, I'm happy! I truly feel amazingly blessed. I may not have a circle of friends to hang out with, I may not get to go on date nights with my husband, or even exercise everyday, but my family is healthy and happy and really isn't that what IT'S all about? For me right now, life is about that feeling after a good workout, the awareness of your two children playing calmly and nicely holding his toe in the air and handing the older one blocks, now that's talent! IT's about finding a good recipe to add to the rotation, or chatting with my MIL and BFF about our weight loss stuff, or sitting around the dinner table watching my mother sew the cousins Halloween costumes with my sister-in-law, now that's what I call a laugh out loud experience.

Life. Just BE....sometimes. So I took my own advice and went slow today. We wrestled, we laughed, we ran around the house not getting out of our pj's all day...even when we went to the park...(I usually never go ANYWHERE like that). IT was good times. And now that that's under my belt, back to normal activity filled days with the occasional slow day added in more often.

Impromptu Daytime Movie Snuggling

Cousins Computer time.

Looking forward to listening to Christmas music soon!
Christmas is only about 9 weeks away...a mere 62 days.

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  1. sweet. And SO TRUE. Our job is very difficult, and often times I find myself taking for granted the very things I should be SO thankful for. How awesome that you are able to recognize these things and take a minute to just relax and enjoy them. I struggle with the exact same things. Too bad we don't live closer! :)