Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday Recap

Whew, this past week has been a whirlwind. From snot to fevers to an overworked mommy and daddy, jeesh enough already! Whatever Eric had last week, the kids got this week. Oh and Eric was out of town most of the week. I did manage to maintain sanity (for the most part) and perspective about life. I found myself taking in the moments, knowing that everyday they get older I have less and less moments of both of them in my house needing me to nurse them back to health. I enjoyed the quiet of both of them napping on me at once, not being able to move or clean something, but it was all worth it. My babes bring me such joy and strength that to quote someone on the Oscars last night...they "...will teach me much more than I can ever teach..." them.
Brooklyn is quite the character these days...well she has always been what I like to describe as a spitfire, but I will now say, from a Katy Perry song, she's a firework! She is not lacking in the personality department! So she refers to herself in the third person all the time, its pretty hysterical. "Take a nap in Brooklyn's room, Put on Brooklyn's boots, and my favorite whenever she (accidentally) hurts Baby Grant...Brooklyn did it"! Last night we were watching the Oscars together (she only sat still for like 15 minutes) but she must've thought one of the women on the show was her Auntie Cass (my sis in law) because she said "Car ride go see Auntie Cass" and I said no hunny Auntie Cass is sick she doesn't feel good, she says "Take her band aids, car ride"! Love that little firework!

Grant, or buggas as I like to call him, I realized last week, I never call him Grant and that I should probably start at some point so he knows his actually name...but ahhh whatever. He's what I would call Sunday morning sunshine. Always smiling. He knows how to high five, and I think he's waved a few know, those moments when you are like wait did he just, no way, I think he did. Buggas gets super excited when we play with the bouncy or soccer ball.
As you all know I follow a blog/website about a baby by named Bowen. Well he is headed in for his second heart surgery this week and I just want to try and gather more prayers for him and his family. I pray for his safe surgery, I pray for his parents to have strength, and I pray that Bowen lives a long happy and healthy life. Man I love this little baby I have never met. Bowen
Hopefully this week I can tackle the things I wanted to blog about last week. This update being brought to you by both babes taking a nap at 10:00am! Uhh oh!
Have a wonderful elightening week.

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