Wednesday, March 16, 2011


The thing about living in limbo (not having a for sure move date) is there is really no point in decorating, which is like a Tim McGraw lyric from 'I Need You' ...I need design "like a needle needs a vein". Graphic but true. Yes I could decorate, and I do minimally, but then I'll just have to pack it all up in a few months anyway. Not gonna happen..adding extra work for myself with two young babes. So all this to say I'm already planning in my head the design of each and every room for our next house.

Take these Serena & Lily pillows for example. As soon as I saw them I envisioned where they would go in my reading nook in the next house (and yes...I will have a reading nook)!

This will hang outside by our front door visible to all.

Near the fireplace...this lovely logholder...clearance item at Pier 1 (love a good deal)!

I think on Brooklyn's door would be a cool place for this beauty.

And then this gorg mirror in the master bath from Pier 1 again.

BUT, because I am in limbo status...I will put some more cute mirror options for my MIL up here to peruse.

Pier 1 Imports


West Elm

I woke up this morning not feeling fantastic so WE ate pizza for dinner. Not exactly recipe worthy for the Whatcha Eatin Weight Watcher I'll post some yummy stuff this weekend.

Current Stats:
  1.  -5 lbs...thats one week, yahoo! I don't expect this kind of weight loss each week, but what a good start...24 more to go.
  2. 8 followers...go right over there on the side and click that follow button, show me some love!
  3. Putting our house up on various site FOR RENT May 1st, minor fix ups to the house during the month of April.

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