Friday, March 18, 2011

It's the little things...

I try not to watch the news...for the simple reason that it's too darn depressing. This doesn't mean I'm unaware of current events, I just choose to not watch the never-ending tragedies that occur throughout the world...over and over and over again. So when something major happens like the recent tsunami in Japan, I'm sure like everyone else it catapults me back to the 2004 tsunami, or Hurricane Katrina, or 9/11...wondering, why? And then, I LOVE...I love deeper and greater, and am a kinder person to whomever. With everything that happens throughout the's the small things!

Tonight I put my 9 month old and almost 2 1/2 year old to sleep after cuddling, and books, and songs, to bed....both WIDE awake...and no screaming, no whining, and no hassle! That felt AMAZING. Today, I was able to go to lunch with a dear friend who I also found out is having a baby girl this summer, because at the last minute my mom and step dad were willing to spoil my little lady with painted toe nails and chocolate! Last week, my mother-in-law (last you sense a trend here...I have a hard time asking for things) watched BOTH my babes while the hubster and I went to our what I like to call healthy maintenance marriage counseling. Earlier this week my hubster had an ANSWER when I needed it the most. It's the little things that have me smiling today! I'm still tired and my heart is still heavy with empathy for others, but I Love more often and learn more often from what life is offering to me right now. It's the little things that anyone can do... that make the strongest impact.

Now I'm off to have a night cap, watch my Nate Berkus show from today, and gets some zzzzs, cuz this momma is TIRED! Hope y'all have a wonderful weekend!

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