Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday Recap

Sunny Walk Today
Sit down have a cup of Joe because this one's gonna be a doooozy! Grrrrrrr....that's how I woke up this morning. We had a tumultuous weekend, we have entered the preteen phase with my stepson Nick. You know the lazy lethargic attitude phase. Uggggh enough said. Cuz mama don't play! The babes woke up in a particularly needy and whiny mood this morning so I postponed writing because I didn't want to bring you guys down with me. I'm ordinarily quite a positive person, but geeesh I just had had enough already.

Randomness...impromptu fke icecream eating...E and I were laughing.
So now that I'm done whining and feeling sorry for is a better side. What I'm grateful for, SPRING, trips to the zoo, pastel and bright colors a blooming. Oh how I LOVE Spring, it seems like the earth comes alive having been dormant for so many months. I am finally able to get OUT of the house and enjoy fresh air and sunny walks. AND most of all, WE are grateful for our HEALTH. Random, but true.

Thank you so much for your support with this blog. I've gotten so many positive comments from family, friends, and fellow bloggers, it feels fantastic to hear each and every thought you have. I TRULY enjoy writing and coming up with new topics or new post ideas. I'm LOVIN working on my other passion and look forward to what may come of my heart on my sleeve life I'm living right now. Stay tuned, I'm going to have the site professionally done soon(I just used a template) and will then look to all of you to help spread the word...and help me reach my goal of 100 followers by Easter.

Babes update....Brooklyn, who is now almost 2 1/2 is officially in her "big girl bed". Yaaaaaaay! It was a tough week with sleep and the discipline it takes to get out of bed at 4:30am and put her back to bed after waking her now hungry screaming baby buggas up, not fun. BUT now they both get put to sleep at the same time...might I add wide awake and neither one fusses or cries and they fall asleep on their own...toot toot, I'm tooting my own horn here! Bliss! Now when both sleep consistently a good solid 8 hours without waking up, forget it, you might see me running around the block singing 'We are the Champoins' by Queen. Brooklyn is still loving music...she sings and dances thru her life, its fantastic. Her favorite to sing right now-"Rain rain go away, come annona day, Brooklyn wants to play!" She's too stinkin cute.

Who needs toys when you have mommas resistance bands.

Grant is standing alone for like seconds at a time, each time I gasp because if it were his older sister there would be a crash and a cry to follow. Not him, he's rough and tough and part mongoose. Don't get me wrong, the kid takes his tumbles, but NOT as many as his lovely sister. Buggas has separation anxiety when I leave a room and eats nonstop. And to add to the TMI, has his daddy's metabolism, what goes in must come out. Yeah I just went there. No more poop issues...the kid is at like 2-4 a day. There are definitely days where I'm not sure how I keep up wih both of them.

Im loving this new face he makes..its like fish face meets conundrum!

Life is whizzing by and any moment I can breathe and take in, is a blessing. Here's to MI Spring to come and lots and lots of warm memories. Side note...Eric has jury duty tomorrow...heheheheee...he's been bitchin complaining about it for a week, but as much as he likes a good Law and Order episode I bet he is going to enjoy his constitutional contribution.

Happy Week ya'll.

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