Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Time to Indulge Tuesdays

I THINK we are a few more steps closer to having potential renters for our step confirm move in date and then signed papers...YaaaaaaaaY! Although my lil babes are quite the troopers sleeping in the same room right now, and my step son in his small but functional bedroom in the basement, we NEED to move!

The idea of moving gets lil butterflies going in my stomach...there will be so many new rooms to DECORATE! OMG I can't contain my excitement, although I probably could bust out some quick design boards for each potential room, there is also something romantic to me in taking my time choosing items and colors. Here are a few things I'm crushing on that may or may not end up in our next house.

I like the simplicity and woodsment feel to this Pottery Barn table. I love the huge art piece leaning on top. NOT the candles with lil babes like mine.

Perfecto reading nook chair, nice lil ottoman to match and we are gold.
Crazy good deal at Overstock for this beauty.

Check it...square tile carpet from ( I heard of this company via one of my daily reads YHL, who are hosting a giveaway, which I ofcourse entered)! Fingers crossed they only had like 9,000 plus entries.
What do you think of these chairs for the dining room with the above floor carpet tiles? I think it could be cool!

Just some the next few weeks I will focus room by room and put design boards together for or upcoming MOVE to a BIGGER home. SUPER exciting to MOVE and DECORATE.


  1. Hi! Congrats is the big move! Flor is a great company and I used to have their tiles in my office before I "stayed home". Love the tiles with the chair! What city will you be in?

  2. We are not sure yet, Troy, Farm Hills, West Bloomfield, Berkely. The hubster works in Troy so that makes the most sense, but we are open to finding the best deal.