Thursday, April 14, 2011

Brain Dump

I'm coming atchya during nap time. In fact, little buggas woke up while I was on the phone and I was able to put him back to sleep...its the little things. I've got so much swirling around this brain of mine, that sometimes I get quite overwhelmed. Sleepless nights, heavy chest, anxiety ridden. This is NOT my usual personality so I really need to do something about it....SO I'm dumping it ALL out. You've been warned.

Moving/Packing/Coordinating Schedules-I've never done this in my life...but I'm stalling. I'm pretending as if I don't have to pack our ENTIRE house in less than 50 days, give or take. Its like I've become numb to the idea of all that work. There is hope in the air...both my mom's have volunteered to help, so next week my mom will help with the kids while I go thru the house and PACK and PACK some more. And than my fantastic MIL is going to also help the week we move, yahoo. Its really happening though, ahhhhhh.

Right Brain Left Brain-So like EVERY single mother out there, I face conflict everyday. Time spent with the babies, time spent away. Time spent doing house stuff, time spent doing stuff I love like cooking, design, reading, reality tv, working out,etc. Everyone knows the concepts of right brain left brain, but I wanted to dive into the research more and fully grasp what it all means. And thats a WHOLE other post, but VERY interesting...especially on the heels of my father's brain injury last year.

Blogging-I LOVE it! I love reading what other bloggers say, I love looking at various design stuff, pictures of other people's houses and babies. The tricky part has been finding my groove. I set out a plan for topics per day, but have found it difficult to maintain. So I think what I've decided is to create ANOTHER blog. Some feedback I've received from some folks is that its kinda ALL over the place. So (I know it seems like more work) but I NEEEEEEED structure, I have never been a free spirit, in some ways I am, but mostly I do better with schedules, details, planning....I digress....I'm going to keep 700sqftDesign for blogging about my 2 babes and design. The other blog will be about FOOD and weight loss. I don't have a name for the food blog as of yet, but I hope to work on that this weekend (in my spare time and all)!

Grant's 1st Birthday-I know the theme and I think I've found the invites and other stuff to decorate with, but I'm at a stand still because we DONT have an address yet. AND I'm fully aware that this doesn't have to be a problem that I'm creating the problem, but darn it sometimes I get stuck on something and refuse to we are having the party at our NEW house. I'm tired of having to use other people's houses for parties and holidays, I like to have gatherings, and we haven't for so long because we live in 700 SQ FT! Action: I'm purchasing the decor this weekend, one thing off the list.

I STILL CANT FIND MY CAMERA!!!!!!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!! I've looked everywhere....and a couple times. Its got to be at some other unknown secret hiding spot I'm unaware even exists(that lil firweork) or at a fami`ly member's house, because I've looked under and around this entire 700sqft!

Hoping to work on all these things tonight and throughout the weekend. Sorry for the brain dump, but it was needed. There is still all kinda crazy going on in my head, but the normal stuff has been purged. J/K

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