Sunday, April 17, 2011

Where oh where can my camera be?

If I were my camera I would've captured things like Brooklyn(my 2 1/2 year old) turning my deodorant into an image from the parting of the Red Sea, and when asked, while mommy was taking a quick shower, "watch ya doin" her response was "making a big mess, oh no!" I would've snapped the cheerios and milk bowl splattered everywhere because apparently lil buggas can reach the top of the table, where this same 2 year old, ate her breakfast "like a big girl." I could've gotten evidence of the mischievous events that occur while Brooklyn is going potty like dumping the entire container of Qtips into the toilet.

BUT I may have also taken a few shots of the couple more houses I drove by this weekend, or the random bust a move dancing that occurs to any beat by my little buggas...his latest move(far exceeding his dadda's 7 moves) is the mash potato, honest! There would absolutely be a pictured framed on my fridge already, of Brooklyn and the look on her face when she goes potty on the toilet and she anticipates the yummy chocolate that I bribe her with to go on the "big girl potty."

I'm sure many of you have been there, without say your cell phone, or your favorite goto makeup...I never realized my camera was one of my daily joys. SO be prepared for when I find my red wonder the ridiculous amount of photos on my posts. Who knows, maybe this will mark the beginning of blogging genius, the turning point in which I get all kinds of followers out of the wood works, and post such beautiful pictures that people want to pay me for my genius! quirky mood this morning after a sleepless night, being sponsored by one Miss Brooklyn and one Mr Grant, oh and a fun late night small but annoying kidney stone, fun times!

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  1. Oh No!!! I hope you find it soon. Did you check your car? Stuff falls out of my purse all the time and somehow ends up under the seat of my car. With two busy kids, I'm sure you are missing all kinds of photo ops right now. (growing up Catholic, my grandma used to tell me to pray to St. Anthony. I guess he was saint of missing things???) Crazy enough, it always worked! :)