Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday Recap

Turns out house hunting is not quite as fun as I imagined. Not sure what I even imagined, but it was not that. There was one house out of five that we looked at this morning that we liked, the other 4 were lets just say WAY over priced! We went from creepy homeowner with his mother's portrait above his mantel, to water in basement with clear semi-repaired foundation issues, to smoker's anonymous/clumps of cat hair/wall paper just recently removed throughout all the walls. It was BAD! After all that...the optimist that I am still believes the right house is out there for us. The one we liked was the very first house we looked at, so we kind feel like we should do the diligence in looking at more...stay tuned, who knows we might just make an offer on that one.

I've been off the grid a bit the last few weeks, but plan to come back to my wonderful alter ego blog world. Camera update....still NO camera, uggh its like losing a diamond earring or your favorite lip gloss. I think sometime soon I will have to break down and buy a new one...because we just have loads of cash laying around waiting for me to lose something! Insert sarcasm!

Little miss Brooklyn update....TOTALLY potty trained! Only having to change one babes diapers now is glorious! Im free, Im free at last. Apparently little miss can count in Spanish...learned that one from the trusty Dora or Diego. Nevertheless its pretty funny when she all of a sudden starts counting something in another language. She loves being outside and going for walks. Still a few tantrums but its getting better. Brooklyn has entered the playing pretend"watcha doing Brooklyn", her-"feeding my baby some bananas, milk, cereal, chocolate milk, and cheese!" Ok then.

Bugga....well lets just say he's TEETHING and leave it at that! He's standing for longer and longer and scaling the couches. The other day I was working with him on walking and I was using our red vacuum as bait...trying to get him to take steps without holding onto something, he's still in the 'but crawling is faster mode.' Buggas brushes his hair after baths and plays peek a boo and listens to our fake phones throughout the house....SUPER cute! He says momma and dadda now. He is also lovin outside. Can't wait for more consistent warm days...forecast for this week rain ALL week, grrrrr!

I took his pants off because he was crawling around in the grass, I didnt want him to get grass stains...yeah I'm that mom.

Pre packing, packing, and setting stuff aside for the neighborhood annual garage sale. Thats what I've got going on.

Hope everyone has a great week.

Photos: Easter Sunday...I high jacked my mom's camera to be able to capture some Easter shots.


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