Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday Recap

I'm switching things up this week. In an effort to stay fresh, interesting, and relevant!

Here's what I've learned this week:
-Sometimes in a search for friendship, just open your eyes and look around, there are people in your life already who care for you and want to be in your life.
Keeping it real: Although we struggled with our relationship a bit in the beginning, my mother in law is our rock. Kind, caring, wise and always there! My sweet newest sister-in-law...(they just had their 1st wedding anniversary). Its so funny how whether you have a lot in common with someone or not that much, common bonds (family, life, positivity) are there no matter where your life paths are at that moment. I heart my sisters thru marriage (all 3 of you, even if 1 of you lives miles and miles away). I find strength, humility, a silent undeniable love just being in your presence.
-"Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things." -Robert Brault
Keeping it real: Its so easy to get caught up in your own misery. The day to day mundane, same thing just a different day. My girlfriend had a baby this week and texted "I never thought you could love someone so much the moment you meet them". AMEN My mentality at this point with my lil ones many times will B wake up tonight (for the record 5 for like the last 2 weeks straight), or...what activity will we do tomorrow to keep all of us active and sane? What will I cook for breakfast, lunch, dinner? Who's going to be difficult today? How many poop diapers will I have the privilege of changing today, maybe 6...on a good day?! Who's going to hurt who? BUT I get to wake up every day breathing, seeing, playing, enjoying my life with my family and friends. Pure love and THE moments that ARE your life. Remember that day you first met your child, that overwhelming deep love. Remember that love every day! Remember your know in that dating stage when your every want or need was his pleasure to meet. Instead of focusing on the 'he didn't take the stinking garbage out like I asked', or the 'he didn't hear the baby this morning at 6:34am, so I had to get up after being up 5 times already', BUT he put together your desk immediately when you asked him to, or the countless errands he ran for you and the kids, so you didn't have to. Remember the falling in love stage of your relationship every day. These are the 'big things' in life!

MUSIC: Ok so, I've never really discussed my passion for music. AND my kids have this thurst as well...who I'm not kidding, have it in their blood. They've got moves you've never seen before! I listen to music constantly like (yup bringing out the 'like' for this) when I wake up and make breakfast and do the dishes! Like when I go for my morning walks, like anytime I'm in the car, like when I write! Music is me. New music I'm loving this week...Matt Nathanson-(Come on Get Higher, Wedding Dress, All We Are)...this is like the chill cooking dinner kinda music. The ever popular Beyonce (Run the World)...this is the morning walk starter. OneRepublic (Good Life) the turn it up loud in the car to distract the kids while they jam out instead of whine. And last but not least...bringing out the Redford in me...Lil Wayne (How to Love)...just a good song.

The lil ones: As stated above, Brooklyn has been having some sleep issues...up like 3-5 times a night wanting to come into our bed. This weekend I finally took some SERIOUS action, because I NEED SLEEP. Step 1-no naps in my bed. Step 2. By way of complete accident because I'm completely anal diligent about naps. Brooklyn missed a nap yesterday....WINNER. It was the first time Brooklyn was bobbing head style with popcorn in her hand falling funny and cute. End result she only woke up 1 time last night. I'll take that! So no more naps for mama has NO BREAKS. But this just means I need to get my butt on the Internet and find more activities for her to the moment she's playing a 3D Interactive Red Riding Hood Book app for the Ipad!

Daddy, me, and Brooklyn on date night. Special out to eat with just B, gotta do that every once in a while.

"Mom, I'm just doing my balance"?? ok

Popcorn and Gnomeo and Juliet...fantastic movie!
Bugsy had his first official hair cut. Insert lump in throat! I was a wreck (I didn't actually cry) but it was definitely a moment I will remember. Its the mark of, and now he's a little boy, not my baby. Who am I kidding right now with this no more baby strength. He's walking like a champ, has 4 teeth,  eats anything he can get his hands on. Bugs is still a super easy baby, but I took this shot to show its not like ALL the time!

He's so serious in a few of these, doin work son!

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