Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Watcha Eatin Weight Watchers Wednesday-Special Edition

My previous posts about diet products have been an attempt to share what has been working with my diet. This week I've decided to dig deeper. Here are some vulnerable, gasping, truths. No I'm not that ballsy to share my weight yet....but we can talk other #s!!! So here's the real my standards I have been anywhere from 20 to 60 lbs overweight since graduating high school at any given time throughout my ENTIRE 20's. WHAT'S completely ridiculous is that even in high school I thought I was "bigger" than everyone else. Looking back I would kill for that bikini wearing body! In hindsight I probably was 'bigger' only because I'm pretty tall-5'8, and NOT stick thin. Which I'm completely fine with, I like my curves! I was an athlete growing up and was always in shape. After high school I had this crazy idea that I would just stay in shape without the activity. Well my 20's hit and I was in college and gained the typical 'freshman 15' and then it just kept going from there. I was NOT active at all. Working a lot to pay for books and studying, that's it.

Lets dig deeper shall we...I was also in a horrible relationship from the age of 16-22. What a waste, those are the formative, independent, soul searching years and I wasted them on a guy who was insanely jealous and insecure. Little factoid I learned throughout that journey, the guys who accuse you of cheating are ALWAYS the ones who are actually cheating on YOU. I shared this because I think not only was I not active, but I was also hiding. Hiding from ANY attention from other guys and just plain hiding because I have been misunderstood shy my whole life! I say misunderstood because most shy people get a snotty, stuck up, stick in the mud reputation. For the most part I have overcome my shyness throughout the years, and my boisterous, life of the party husband has definitely helped me in the shy department. So what better way to hide than behind a good 60lbs. Because when you hide behind weight you don't have to make the hard choice to break up with the awful boyfriend for a kinder cuter guy.

Weight Loss to date: -17 lbs

32 more lbs to go to reach high school weight

So here are some pics to give some visual: (Isn't it so irritating that when you look at pics, you instantly go to the parts about yourself that you have disliked your whole life).

I was a Junior in high school. Probably one of the LAST times I wore a bikini. Probably a size 10-12 in this photo.

Jump to Age 24 (just recently engaged, like 2 days before this pic, on a Baccalaureate trip to Chicago)
I don't hate this pic. These jeans are considered my threshold skinny jeans. Maybe 15-20 lbs more than the high school pic.

Wedding Day 2006
Gained about 15lbs from engagement time to wedding day. No joke, very nervous I wouldn't fit in the dress!

2 Months after giving birth to my first babe. Uggh this pic is the worst! New Years Eve 2009

Feeling a little better after a decent weight loss over the Summer of 2009.
Loved this Grand Haven...thinking of going back in the next month.
Brooklyn's first sand experience.

Pregnant, ok uuuuber pregnant with Bugsy. Here's the crazy part, what I weighed in this pic is not the heaviest I've been throughout my 20's. I gained the normal amount with both pregnancies, literally 33lbs with both babes.

This picture tells such a shows my joy for my kids, but its so clear I'm HIDING.

                                                    A week after giving birth to my second babe.

I have NO current pics because I'm never in front of the camera, always the one taking the pictures. But my current weight is give or take a pound of what I was on my wedding day. I'm going to STOP hiding and start getting in front of the camera with weekly What I Wore pictures.

Daily diet:
7:00am-Breakfast Options: 1 cup of Cereal, Chobani Yogurt, or just a banana.

11:00am-Lunch Options: Healthy Choice Steamer, salad concoction from my fridge, or somethin while we are out and about.

3:00pm-Snack Options: V8 juice, cheese chunk, fruit, or veggie

6:00pm-Dinner (here's where the badness begins) I usually eat whatever, AND then don't stop. I'm not saying I eat bags of potato chips, but I stay up SO late and get bored. I have noticed on the days where I don't eat at night the scale is a much nicer sight the next day! Ding Ding!

Here's what I've eaten today: 9:00am-banana, pineapple, and watermelon
                                             1:00pm-Sbarro pizza slice & breadstick
                                              3:00pm-Nonfat Carmel Machiatto Iced

                                              17 WW Points used already

AND my weakness is sweet stuff like chocolate and wine. Forget about it if its a combo like my Grand Traverse Sweet Red Wine!!!! You can't just have one glass of that yummy goodness.

OK since I've been turned onto this concept of 30 before 30, to which I will share later this week....on that ever so important list of 'things to do before your 30'....(I of course will have my own spin because 30 is only about 5+ months away) 31 things to do before I'm 31! LOSE WEIGHT! A LOT OF WEIGHT!

1. Lose 50+ lbs (only 33 to go)


Thanks to whoever continued to read my vulnerable truths. Phew that was a long one!


  1. Oh Bree! I am so proud of you. (I can say that because I am older ha ha) ;) We go through such a change when we become mothers...especially to daughters. I know how I want to raise my daughter and that is to be strong, independent, confident...and that all starts with us! They are little sponges to everything we do/say, right? I cannot tell you how refreshing it is to hear someone say these things out loud (ok...typed). We all have our issues...some of these things I have heard myself say too. Good thing is...we ALL have our issues. Even though my struggles may not be weight necessarily (however after 2 kids I'm no where near where I would like to look), but I certainly have struggles that can paralyze me if I let them. I am currently working on some issues myself.

    I just read an article last night in Shape or Self...about embracing our age. (since you are on the brink of 30) How cool is this quote...

    "I see my age as a percentage of awesomeness. I'm 28, so I'm at 28 percent awesomeness. At 35, I predict that I'll be stronger and smarter and, I hope, have even more money in the bank. So you can call it aging. I'll call it evolving."

  2. Oh...and you ARE GORGEOUS ;)