Monday, July 4, 2011

Weekly Update-4th of July

I'm pretty mentally and physically tired so this ones gonna be short and sweet, but you've been warned...lots o pics! This week was a fun filled packed week of swim lessons, trips, and normal day to day painting projects.

Brooklyn and Grant did swimmingly at their first week of swim classes (had to do it). They were both a little shy in the beginning and its possible Grant fell asleep in my arms one day, but overall I think they were a great success. We have 4 more classes this week, which have added a nice routine of breakfast, play, swimsuits on, wagon ride to the pool, lessons, lunch, and nap time for BOTH kiddos.

He loves the swim shoes!

Next up was a day/overnight trip to Kalahari Resort in Ohio (just me and Cassia outnumbered by the kids). The resort was great and something fun and adventurous for us to do with the kids, but never again will I go that one alone. Lots of water activities with 4 small children and only 2 adults is a bit much. The kids had a blast...which is always worth the chaos and much needed drinks on the patio at night!

We were able to get the kitchen/dining room painted this weekend, and when I say "we" I mean Eric! The new color is fabulous, its the kind of color that I stop and look at in awe of its potential to transform the room. Looking forward to decorating the room with a chalkboard DIY frame, some roman shades from Etsy, prints from another blogger, etc. No pics of the rooms yet, but lots to come.

They don't look like brother and sister at all! (insert sarcasm)

Today was spent down at my parents vacation spot....lake with the whole family, food, new bucket game, relaxation. Nice. Long trip home because bugga had enough/over tired/teething so quick driver change and stop to calm him down and we were home, and ready for the week to start.

Group shot my side of the family.

Ipad usage by the 2 1/2 year old and 5 year old, classic.

Happy 4th of July!

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  1. How cute!!! It looks like y'all had a great 4th!