Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Watcha Eatin Weight Watchers Wednesday

Sometimes it feels like I can't catch a break, first it was crazy knee problem that turned out to be just "knee pain"...what... it feels like my knee has been Nancy Kerrigan'd! That has subsided enought that I can walk without limping, but know there's something wrong with my heel. Its as if there are 3 nails jammed into my heel everytime I take a step.

I know I know I'm to blame, but uggh this is annoying. I wear the wrong sneakers when I excercise (walk 4 miles a day) and I am either in flip flops or bare foot most of the day. I guess I'm in that classic age bracket where you start realizing unless you take care of your body it will fail you. So here's to being 29 and losing this gosh darnit weight so that when my 2 year old runs away from me in defiance I can swoop her up without limping the whole way!

Ok...sorry...but geesh. On a positive note...

Weekly stats:-15 lbs

This weeks food obsession: Healthy Choice Steamers

Starting this journey I knew that my problem would be feeling full. These microwaveable lunch or dinners are perfection. Jam packed with flavor and completely filling. They are about $2-$3 depending on where you purchase them (crazy affordable). I usually get them from Target or Kroger. Takes about 3 minutes to heat up and instant meal. They range in Weight Watcher points from 5-7 can't beat that with a stick!

Here are some of there flavors:

Cajun Style Chicken and Shrimp
Chicken Margherita
Chicken Pesto Classico
Chicken Red Pepper Alfredo
Grilled Chicken Marinara
Grilled Whiskey Steak
Roasted Beef Merlot
Roasted Chicken Fresca
Roasted Chicken Marsala

Nutrition Facts:
(Grilled Chicken Marinara)
Calories: 260
Total Fat-4g
Protein- 21g
Weight Watcher Points-6


Chicken Parmigiana from my absolute favorite Olive Garden(lunch portion)
Calories: 570
Total Fat-18g
Weight Watchers Points-14

The facts really speak for themselves. Hope you guys try these out, they are delicious. AND if you're not feeling full yet have a Chobani yogurt as dessert!

Also...on another note...this is one of my daily blog reads and I wanted to bring attention to a stranger who needs prayers.

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