Sunday, July 10, 2011

Weekly Update

Swimming classes are over and I am in mourning. It was really nice to have a daily routine with the kids. I highly recommend swim lessons for countless reasons. I definitely plan on continuing their swim lessons throughout the years.

As I'm writing this Brooklyn is watching Ice Age....stressful for me and her. See Brooklyn has never really liked the movie, she spends the entire movie concerned for the baby. I mean full on tears, nonstop whines about how "she needs to hold the baby, where's the baby, he's laughing...he's not crying anymore, he's tired, he's upside down", etc its all consuming for her...poor thing. I ask repeatedly if she wants me to turn the movie off and every time, "no, no, no I want to see the baby with daddy". Heart wrenching and super sweet.

On a more uplifting note, she knows how to ride a bike. Its only a trike but still it so fun to see her navigate around the block and park. Gotta be honest though, the Radio Flyer trike I bought is not up to par. The front tire has no tread so its pretty hard for B to get grip on the sidewalk. Chappity Chap my a** on the money I spent on that thing, but again worth it when she feels so accomplished after a long ride.

Bugsy officially has 4 teeth now. They are man sized, no wonder it took so long to come thru.He's still in the needy phase, but that's fine with me! Much like most siblings at a young age, they are either getting each other or playing nice. The moments of nice are sweet bliss. You know those moments when its too quiet and you check on them in the other room and they are sitting next to each other looking thru a book or working with the wood shapes, snapshots of happiness embedded in my brain.

Probably head to some zoos this week and attempt to venture to the pool with both kids by myself, ahhhh.

Have a wonderful week.

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