Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Watcha Eating Weight Watchers Wednesday

I'm completely aware I do not utilize Weight Watchers Online to the best of its abilities, but its still a place I visit a few times a week to enter my weight and track my daily intake of food (some days). There's nothing better than seeing that scale going down or the graph on Weight Watchers Online slip slip slipping south. I'm also officially in a smaller size.
Current Weight Loss: 27LBS

Here is a picture of my beautiful baby boy (currently 15 months weighs exactly what I've lost 27lbs)!!!
Just for giggles I picked him up the other day to see...and it was at EXACTLY what I was when I started this journey in the beginning of the Summer. So funny. I've lost the weight of a toddler.

Truthfully I started WWO in January, but kind of messed around with it, didn't really commit or have any goals. My breaking point was at a doctor's visit in June. I had been having some horrific left knee pain after moving and thought I for sure did something terrible to my knee. NOPE. I was just overweight. Now, the doctor who checked out my knee was a complete ASSHOLE, but he was RIGHT! Doc says "you need to lose weight" before even looking at the xrays or doing an exam. What a tool! BUT it really impacted my mentality. Although I don't really struggle with insecurities about how I look, I ALWAYS knew I could look better and more importantly FEEL better.

Slow and steady wins the race. This is SO true when dieting. Yes you'll have those weeks of a 5lb weight loss, BUT for the most part it will be 1-2 lb weeks. It all adds up. My most recent goal was 30lbs before a family wedding in Nashville this October (also FIRST TIME AWAY WITH THE HUSBAND SANS BABIES). So I'm upping the ante. My current goal will be 35lbs before October 8th.
That's only a mere 8 lbs in a little over 3 weeks (24 days).  I can do it!

Here's some before and afters...I would totally use current pictures if I could find my dang camera cord!

Christmas 2008, 2 Months after my first baby. 

Preggers with baby #2! May 2010

1 Month after giving birth to Baby #2. I lost 34 lbs!
No joke...the power of breastfeeding and I walked at least 5 miles 4 times a week.

Random Stats:
Gained 33 lbs with each baby, exact.
Lost the 33lbs fairly easily because of breastfeeding and daily walking with both.
1st Pregnancy it definitely took me longer to lose the weight(I was so overwhelmed by having a baby, no motivation)...she was born in October (Michigan weather does not allow for outside walking in October!)
Total weight loss since giving birth to Baby #2 (and my last baby) 50lbs.
I would love to lose about 25-30 more.

Wedding Day 2006
I am 10lbs smaller than these wedding photos!

Obligatory posed picture of the hubby on our wedding day. Hahahaha, he is one handsome devil though!

My daily intake plus working out regime:
(I Stick to this about 5 days a week)

7:00am: Protein drink or Green Monster Drink or 3/4 cups cereal.
Workout: Bike Ride-30 min to 1 hour (however long the kids allow)
Snack: Cliff Bar, Apples with Peanut Butter, Fruit (Watermelon today)
Lunch: Campbells Light Soup or Healthy Choice Meal or Lean Cuisine Meal (depending on how hungry I am)
Snack: Cliff Bar or Light Soup or handful of pretzels
Dinner: Here's why I still weigh what I do...I still eat what the family eats for the most part (pizza, spaghetti, tacos, etc). Husband's working late a couple nights this week, so I get to eat healthier stuff. Maybe I'll start sneaking in better meals in the next few weeks....
Pm Workout: Couch to 5k (Week 1) or 20-30 minute workout on AT&T On Demand. (3 times a week)
Water, Water, Water

Thanks to my sweet thoughtful sister-in-law, who...did I mention has a killer body, has turned me onto Cliff bars. If I only had her discipline with working out...and I'm sure her daily intake of food is super duper healthy.
I've tasted the Chocolate chip and Crunchy Nut Butter (the latter by far the best).
Its about 250 calories or 7 WW points.
This is a quick go to meal replacement or snack.

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  1. way to go girl! 27lbs is awesome! and you're right- slow and steady IS the way to go, because that's what makes it last. so excited for you!