Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Book Review-Sophie Jordan

You know you've read a good story when you are left wanting more. You know it was a great read when you are instantly looking up when the next book will come out. I was completely skeptical after a few pages. My box of openness for supernatural really lies within the vampire/werewolf areas. I'm not really into other creatures, or future scenarios. Well was I wrong! These books are divine love stories. The kind of story that young girls dream about and hope their life encompasses even a glimmer of what this book describes. To say I loved these book is an understatement. The last few weeks of my literature journey has truly delivered.

Honestly, if you are not into the Young Adult Literature but have an open these books. I loved the family bonds, the obligations, the love triangle, and the the supernatural aspects.

5 out of 5 Ratings!

Can't wait for the next book to come out...???

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