Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Weekly Update-Part Two

So I ripped the band aid off and headed out last weekend for our first trip away from our babies. IT was magical. And to be brutally honest I LOVED that we had separate flights on the way to Nashville. I was able to read, observe, and go at my own pace. Peace and quiet. We had a lovely weekend, full of fun times and little responsibilities. In reflection it was an absolute preparation for one of our hardest weeks to come.

Here are some photos from the amazing wedding we were able to witness.

BEST idea ever! So much fun.

With each generation we get better. Why? Because with each generation we have the wisdom of our family tree. In my family the focus was put on 'breaking the cycle'. My grandmother worked to provide stability for her children that she did not have as a child. My mother worked to provide nurturing for her children that she did not have as a child. And so on. I see our wisdom and knowledge in my daughter already. My girl is not even potty trained yet and she has a glimmer of life that I never had. And all I feel is pride.

I know she will be better and do better than I could ever dream. In the meantime, I will hold onto her spark of life forever in my heart. Because of each generation, she has opportunities and intelligence that will provide a lit path throughout her journey. Trust. We will reach a stage where my daughter will not NEED me as much, and instead of mourning that loss I will feel pride.

It seems strange to have such a profound experience from just a short weekend away, but its true. Its as if I was being prepared to handle the coming months. I was allowed a breath. When you're not in the thick of it anymore you forget how hard life can be. Raising babies and making the decision to be a one income family for the sake of a better home life for your children is rough waters. There are good days and days where you feel as if you are being swallowed up. But with each obstacle or collision we face, I always feel a sense of calm knowing that this crazy life, is the right path.

Brooklyn's nightly bedtime routine...cover her babies and then a kiss for each of them.

 Sorry folks, it doesn't get much cuter than this!

We've made our rounds to the apple orchards, painted numerous pumpkins, and will be hysterical at the coming Halloween costumes! Who's looking forward to Christmas music and Thanksgiving food? Umm me!
Have a good week!

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