Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Weight Watchers Wednesday

As of Saturday October 8, 2011 I had lost 37 LBS!!

Before and After Photos:
Day after my now 16 month old was born.

April 2011 (trust me the baby is fine, it just looks like his arm might come out of socket!)

Saturday October 8, 2011
Down 37LBS!

So why when I look at this picture all I see if my huge arms. Who my loving husband referred to as turkey legs...which I honestly thought was funny...only after 5 years baby, that would not have been funny year 1 of our marriage!
 Don't get me wrong I felt beautiful that night, but uggh pictures make me crazy. Maybe I never quite learned how to properly pose for pictures. I have distinct memories of an aunt on my father's side having and saying specific posing to promote slim photos, why didn't I retain that information!

Committed to Weight Watchers June 2011
Total Weight Loss Since June: 37 LBS!
Total Weight Loss since having my 2nd baby: 65lbs
Current Daily WW points allowed: 31
Goal by Christmas to lose 50lbs (179lbs)
Goal weight 160lbs

ALL of that to say, today I am faced with discouragement. This weight loss journey is like a marriage, unless you are fully committed will it work...and man oh man is it hard work!
Lets just say the scale and I are not on speaking terms again. Catch this...I gained 14 lbs over the weekend!
What kind of crap is that! Yes I indulged....ok really indulged. There may have been A LOT of drinking, dessert, and over all, eating stuff I wouldn't normally( as of June). What did I expect...this body loves it some LBS!

So now having to backtrack in a sense is super frustrating, BUT I'm up to the challenge.

Here's what I'll be eating to get these 14 lbs off and then another 13lbs by Christmas.

AM: 1 Cup Oatmeal with Honey (5 points)
Lunch: Healthy Choice Fresh Steamer (Chicken Marinara) 7 points
Snack Options: 1.Apple with Peanut butter 1tbsp 3 points
2. Light Soup 6 points
3. Cliff Bar 7 points
4. Light Popcorn 3 Cups 3 points
5. 1 Cup Cereal 4-5 Points
Dinner: various options 10 and under Points
Tonight will be Chicken Fajitas.

Oh and lots and lots of Diet Citrus Flavored Green Tea (gotta get the toxins/water retention out).

Working Out: At least 2 20 minute workouts 6 days this week...and because I just got back into the diet groove today that means every day for the rest of the week!

Thought I'd share one of my work out play lists...gotta have good tunes!
Play list name "Skinny"

1.Turning Tables-Adele
2.Run the World-Beyonce
3.Beautiful People-Chris Brown
4.Papi-Jennifer Lopez
5. U Smile- Justin Bieber
6. We R Who We R-Ke$ha
7.How to Love-Lil Wayne
8.Party Rock Anthem-LMFAO
9. Give Me Everything-Pitbull

This a great Couch to 5K walk/run play list.

Much love to my Mother in Law and now my BFF for encouraging me and keeping me motivated to lose this weight! Gotta love losing weight buddies!

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  1. Dang girl! Congratulations. That is awesome! Keep up the good work :)