Monday, November 7, 2011

Weekly Update-Babysitter Day 1

I called my husband driving away from the house stating "I just left my babies with a total stranger". His response, "it's fine." I had such mixed emotions about today, elated for the break and nervous for the babysitter. Taking care of 2 lil ones is no joke. She's young she can handle it. And yes, I hired a young cute blonde. I was a total typical wife not wanting to hire an attractive babysitter, not so much. I interviewed a few and this particular girl and I just clicked. Its rare for me to meet someone and instantly think 'ahh yes she understands life, even the not so handsome parts of life'. The kicker...her name is Brooklyn too. Which is weird for me, confusing for Brooklyn (my 3 year old), and forget about Grant, he thinks he's entered a different dimension where the Brooklyns have taken over.

Grandpa Mike, this is really what they do with the handmade chairs.

He's happy about Brooklyn napping and his apples, look at those dancing legs. 

Putting stuff in Brooklyn's shoes!

I'm 3 everybody!

So in case you missed the memo like I did, go out right now and get yourself a babysitter. I'm talking to all those moms out there who try to do it ALL. I know I am going to be a better mom, wife, and person because I ripped this bandaid off.

Have a great week.

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  1. Glad the babysitter worked out...but let's get to the good stuff...WHAT DID YOU DO? WHERE DID YOU GO? HOW MUCH DID YOU LOVE YOUR TIME AWAY?????? :)