Saturday, November 5, 2011

Weekly Update

October truly brought all that's to be desired from Fall. Apple Orchards, painting pumpkins, a winter chill, our wedding anniversary, our first born's birthday celebration, Halloween, etc. Side note, our neighborhood rocked it hard with its Halloween festivities. No exaggeration, we walked approximately 4 suburb blocks and as an adult I was enthralled by the energy and hoopla. What a great night! Halloween 2012 has a pretty high bar to contend with.

No one told them to pose, it just happened.

This is the inspiration for the costumes, Jake and the Neverland Pirates.

Its Saturday night and I find myself reflecting on life last week. I'm 100% drinking a glass of wine, which if you follow the blog, you know was supposed to be a 'no no' for my diet, but where's the fun in that?!! I digress. Do you ever find yourself getting stuck in a rut? They are the worst. I KNOW there were funny moments, and times I shed a tear because of how happy my kids make me, but all I can remember at this moment are those incredibly annoying moments. The crazy times ten scenarios where you find yourself looking around wondering if anyone else witnessed the debacle or thinking 'I must be on TV because what just happened can not be normal!'
Here are some of those moments for me this week (get ready they are laugh out loud worthy/annoying):

1. Full fledged splits except you land straight on your knee were wondering how does one fall in this manner, oh just the mysterious applesauce drip on the kitchen floor.
Why is it when you have a huge bruise like the one I now have on my knee, your kids inevitably hit it 1 MILLION times throughout the day!?
2. Rescued a baby this week at My Gym (gymnastics for kids). I don't understand the parents who engage in deep conversations with other parents while there 8 month old is roaming around climbing on dangerous tumble equipment. This baby was literally stuck between some tumble thing and a mirror, all the while the mom was laughing along with some story, poor little man.
3. How many other people have those endless poop days. The ones where you think after about the 6th diaper, there could not possibly be any more, and YET there is!
4. Brooklyn driving her new Mini Cooper(grandparents do the darnedest things) in our backyard and I turn my head for 1 second and I see Grant holding onto the rear bumper sliding along on the grass(he was in the passenger seat). Both kids laughing like school girls. No one was injured, but still, REALLY!
5. Took the kids to a local mall play area, JUST TO GET OUT OF THE HOUSE, and I totally looked like one of those mom's who has no control over their toddlers. Brooklyn not listening =time to leave. Putting Grant's jacket and shoes on and he of course wants nothing to do with any of that. Squirming screaming 16 month old, running wild banchy child circling us screaming "I don't want to go home". I finally wrestle them both to where they have their appropriate gear on and have a grip on Brooklyn while holding Grant and Grant's shoe goes mysteriously flying a good 5 ft behind us, 'what just happened'. A solid 99% of me wanted to just LEAVE that darn shoe homeless on the carpet!

And when the good ole husband comes home and says "so what did you guys do today?" Oh I don't know, nothing! We sat around eating bon bons!

Here's how I made it thru the week:

1. Hired a babysitter, yeah buddy...and she starts Monday!
2. Red Wine

3. Working Out

4. Pandora-have you heard the new song released from the Breaking Dawn soundtrack....Christina Perri-"A Thousand Years"....its AAAAMAZING.


5. Heard a guy on the radio talk about 'Be Intentional'. Life changer. More to come with this growth.

How did you make it thru this week???? Do tell....


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