Monday, November 28, 2011

Weekly Update-Thanksgiving Edition

Faith is in the gaze of the soul. (Another great line from One Thousand Gifts-Ann Voskamp) This book is amazing! Although the last week or so has been quite a whirlwind its as if I've had special glasses or an extra dose of awareness. So many special moments just bursting to be talked about.

Trip to Louisville, KY for my Grandma's (Sandy) wedding reception. To start here, let me give a little background...I come from a long line of unwed mothers (my mother having broken that cycle). No judgment just facts. So to add a little humor...for a few generations there have been "Who's my daddy" questions. Which have put strain on a lot of mother daughter relationships throughout the generations. And in the midst of the chaos that was my great grandmother's (Fern) life there was a second daughter given up for adoption.

So, my sister-in-law, my mother, and I (oh and Baby G) went down to Louisville to attend Sandy's(grandma) wedding reception and meet Sandy's long lost sister (Linda). In taking the trip I came home with so much hope and grace. Isn't that how it always works, you do something for someone else and yet always feel more 'cup runneth over'. Having limited time to spend because I did have a baby with me, I witnessed and was filled with such joy in the last few minutes of being in my grandma and her sister walked away from the car holding hands and then arms wrapped around each other as if there were no years missed. I cried. I felt such happiness for them. And then to see my grandma find a partner who seems so genuinely sweet, its what she's needed all this time. Kindness. Linda, my grandma's sister, is such a gem. The strangest part for me is that I have distinct memories of their mother(my great grandmother) and its like looking into the eyes of Fern when I looked at Linda, and yet not the harshness. I'm still trying to wrap my head around it all.

My sis-in-law and I downtown FUN!

Movie Night with the BFF-Yes, we went and saw Breaking Dawn. Great, great, great movie by the way! In fact, I've convinced the husband to see it with me AGAIN this week for date night! The best friend, who lives in Chicago, and I used to go to the movies once or twice a week when we were younger. It was something we both shared as a passion. From the sappy love story to the unfortunate time she insisted we watch Texas Chainsaw Massacre (I have never watched a scary movie since) it was that thing, we did together. Now that she lives far away and we both have children its hard to arrange those dates, but man are they fun! I'm still forever freezing in the theater and she will be forever drenching her popcorn in butter. I am grateful for her and what she brings to my life...a lot of laughter that's for sure!

Twilight Saga

My Father- I feel truly blessed to have a much better relationship with my dad than I did when I was a child. Its been almost 2 years since he had that head injury and I know that was the gift given to all of us. Our second chance. We celebrated his 52nd Birthday yesterday at my house and its was so wonderful. From dinosaur noises, to an insane amount of toy destruction zones, to grandpa and Brooklyn doing ballet moves in the kitchen, and then a finale performance of puppets for cup runneth over!

I was unaware, chalk it up to the million things one does not know until you have children, how much joy my children could bring other people. You dream of what they will be when they grow up, how they will be kind and polite, but not how a simple smile or mini conversation with a stranger can make their day. So here's a little joy for you today!

                                   Notice:Dinosaur in the boy's hand and doll in the girl's...all on their own.

I really need to work on getting Eric looking at the camera!

Have a great week!

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