Tuesday, March 19, 2013

 These I think you could do without painting. Add curtains, pillows, and move your pictures from next to the window to behind the couch. And then add some more frames and family pictures. Pops of blue in vases on your built-ins. And then when Spring finally arrives...fresh, gorgeous, spring flowers in those amazing vases.

This one is curtain, and grey pillows, adding some type of red art and black lamps.


  1. OOOhhhhh! I love. Man, I wish I could snap my fingers and have the walls painted. I love the gray and white stripe curtains! I think the different shades of blue in the pillows with pops of red and black would be totally do-able...but what do you think against the yellow walls??? Where are those zebra-ish pillows from?

  2. I think the grey, black, and blue are fine with the neutral yellow, but I'd be careful with the red too. The pillows are stupid expensive!

    Start with small the curtains and the wall behind the couch. Maybe add a gallery wall (I can help). Then, add other items, little by little so it doesn't get overwhelming. :)