Saturday, February 12, 2011

Boys vs Girls and Nail Head Accents

I'm writing pretty sporadically this week because I'm still figuring out my groove, and come ON I've got 2 babes to take care, not a whole lot of free time!! But, I'm marching to my own drum so I enjoy it when I do get the opportunity to sit and write. Look out for my husband finds it cute I'm sure!

I find basic human behavior extremely interesting. For example the vast differences between men and women or girls and guys. The concept of relaxation...girls typically enjoy a day at the spa, a quiet half hour with a good book, or an uninterrupted moment looking at handbags or shoes online with a yummy glass of wine. Whereas guys like to build something, break something, or sweat on something. Funny quote from my husband one time...ME-"honey why are you sweating" HIM-"because I'm concentrating"...he was doing some electrical thing in the house. SO funny! I find this most interesting in my babies. Grant is rough and tough and loves banging one toy on another. Brooklyn's favorite activity is tea party...neatly arranged and quiet bliss for me.

On the DESIGN side: I LOVE design so much. The most recent trend seems to be nail head accents. This could be on a headboard, a design board, a great chair, or a picture frame. Take a look. I'm going to try and create something with these nail head pictures as my inspiration.

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