Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Oh how I LOVE my husband. Let me count the ways...don't get me wrong...sometimes I would love to shove snow in his face, but...he's straight up funny, makes me laugh everyday. He blows things off so much better than I do. He's taught me to be a more open blogging, what!? He's passionate and ambitious. And, I adore that I get to grow old with this silly silly man, and raise our beautiful children together. Ok enough of that mushy stuff!!!!! Oh wait its the little things right girls....Him-"oh I put washer fluid in your car" Me-melt, melt, huge smile!

You ever have one of those days where nothing seems to ebb and flow? That was my day today. Its one of those days I'm amazed I have all my hair. I had this grandiose idea of walking down the street with the kids to our local drug store to buy some brownie mix to make for the husband (its his favorite), cut into heart shapes and blog all about it. So I bundle the babes up and one of them has poop, yay diaper change before we leave. Ok off again, we walk thru puddles (me gritting my teeth at the mess) and B having the time of her life. About three quarters of the way there I realize G has puked ALL over me. Awesome. I trudge on and we get to the store, they have NO brownie mix. Then B takes off running like a wild animal throughout the store saying "yollipop" and since I'm carrying G its not a pretty scene. So we head back home no brownies to make, mommy full of puke and impatience. We get back home and the other one has poop. Awesome. And that's only 30 minutes of the day.

Recipe: Chicken Piccata courtesy Giada De Laurentiis   Giada Recipe-Love Her

Its my favorite.
I just cut up into different portions for this kiddos as well.
For the pasta I used the same ingredients, Parmesan, butter, garlic salt, mix, and yummo.

So I joined Weight Watchers a few weeks ago and am loving my results. I guess who didn't after Jennifer Hudson was on Oprah last week. Girl, she looks good! I got this recipe from their website for some Peanut Butter cookies. This was the husbands gift for V-day! I didn't tell him they were low calorie until the next day, ;) I also saw this heart/jelly idea from a Martha Stewart Living article.
WW PButter Cookies
The little chunks...I used chunky peanut butter!

The reason I do it all. Look at those precious feet, just squealing with delight.

Hope everyone squeezes their loved one today!

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