Sunday, May 22, 2011

Weekly Update...New Beginnings

One of my besties posted on FB something that got me worried for her, but turns out everything was fine...and the message was being sent thru her, for me..."If God brings you to it, he will bring you through it." Remember the last update...."I have NEVER been this stressed in my entire 29 years"....oh yeah well it got worse. The deal for the house we were going to buy as of last week fell thru...BUT I know it was all in THE greater plan. It became crucial crunch time to locate a rental home. And as of today we have...still need to sign the lease, but its one of those 'the stars have aligned' things that give me a total unwarranted calmness.

So enough about the icky boring day to day adulthood....lets talk kiddos.

Brooklyn has always been quite the firework, but this past week (I decided to stop packing and enjoy my kids more, a preemptive stance for the future battle of moving) I noticed so many new things. This girl is funny! First of all she cracks herself up, she loves to dance, play in the pool, and go for walks. I'm looking forward to this move for so many reasons, but one in particular is for her to have her own room...plenty of pinks, purples, school area, and more planned. Funny quote of the week "mama co you go get my tiger chips"= Cheetos, I laughed so hard! (I normally don't allow such gross food, but its been a stressful week)

Bugga...his name will forever be Bugga! I've gotten so many questions about the name and from what Eric and I can analyze, its a form of Brooklyn's nickname of 'Love Bug.' So its not the manliest or the cutest, but he answers to it, and I think its funny so deal! I was sidetracked sorry, happy baby is back. I swear my kids will entertain people one day...Bugga is usually pretty reserved but if he hears just the right beat, he is bustin and movin like nobody's business. Some leg kickin, some shoulder rolls, its to die for funny. AND today he WALKED for the first time! Eric and I were both there, which was so special, two wide eyed parents beaming with pride, it was a moment that will last with me forever.

Stay tuned for the BIG MOVE photos....oh and....we don't have to leave our area. Its literally in the same city and when we were discussing where we would like to move Eric suggested our same city and I about laughed him out of the car, but then I said except this particular neighborhood in our city....what are the odds I'm driving one day last week to take the kids to the park right by this neighborhood, and there is this sweet house "For Rent." Again the stars have aligned.

Have a great week...I'm going to try and juggle playtime and packing.

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  1. Well, life sure keeps you on your toes, huh? Sorry to hear about all the craziness going on. Living with such giant issues up in the air is so stressful. Sounds like you are doing a good job keeping things in perspective though! :) Love the pics of those silly kids! So stinkin cute! Wish we lived closer ;)