Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Weekly Update

Goodbye Nowlin (700sqft) we had some great memories and I brought my babies home to you, but its TIME to move on!

First off, I want to thank all the family and friends who so generously helped us with the BIG MOVE. You are all life savers and no doubt in my mind we could not have even come close to being at the stage of unpacking we are currently in if it weren't for ALL of the help.

Its hard out there for a playa!

Tomorrow marks the day of normalcy...the leisurely cup of coffee in the morning without the mental check list of things that HAVE to get done that day. Who am I kidding, I always have a mental check list but at least tomorrow there isn't crazy elephants with trumpets stomping around on my chest and in my brain. I can enjoy my children again, I can breathe easier, I can maybe even do NOTHING. Ohhhh the space in this new house (what I will refer to as Franklin St), its glorious! I will post pics very soon.

Dang my kids are cute!

He might be my favorite, shhhh don't tell anyone, this is his "cute face."
The kids have done amazing with the move. Sleeping thru the night (in separate rooms). My MIL is right on, since we moved in I just have a perma grin. Not to say there haven't been tense moments, but all in all everyone is SO much happier.

"Momma, I typin"

Brooklyn is still cracking me up on a daily basis. A few examples...every time I put a skirt or dress on her she does this half twirl  curtsy (because that's what girls do when they have pretty clothes on). Or she has this hand gesture she does when she's trying to convince me of something she knows is not okay, and has this sly smile, priceless! She is in the stage of 'oh I wonder where she learned that'...the word yoyo. I can't tell you where she would've heard that term.

Buggy boy has 2 bottom teeth now and the clingy, fever, mommy don't leave the room along with that second tooth! Stats: walks like a pro, weighs 20lbs (Brooklyn weighs 25), says mama, dadda, hi, uhhh ohhh, shakes his head no, waves with BOTH hands, high fives, shows me where his belly and feet are. AND gives the most sweetest melt my heart away kisses and hugs that could cure any ailment.a

Gearing up for G's 1st Birthday Party this weekend. Wow, that year flew by! I have loved more, learned more, and certainly enjoyed more of life since Baby G was born 6/9/10 at 6:09am!

Have a wonderful rest of this short week and certainly enjoy your weekend.

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