Sunday, June 5, 2011

Weekly Update

Today marks day 9 of being in our new house (Franklin St). And ohhhh how we love the SPACE! There are quite a few house projects in the works:

1. Paint Kitchen/Dining Room
2. Paint/Replace Hardware for Master Bed Dresser
3. Paint Nick's room (poor kid, its purple, oh and get him a new mattress)!

I digress...(sorry, I'm a natural list maker)....this weekend was Baby Grant's 1st BIRTHDAY PARTY! Can you believe it, its been a year already. Do you remember the endless emails about not being able to pick a name?! Now he has like 20 names! The party was at our new house, and it was a blast. I absolutely felt the love from our friends and family, even the ones that couldn't make it but still made an effort to acknowledge G's day (Aunt Sue and Jen). There were bubbles, cupcakes, exploding hot dogs, children laughing and playing, what more could you ask for!

Have a fantabulous week.

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